Friday, February 18, 2011

Fresh, Fresh Air!!

Needing to absorb each bit of this amazing weather..we head to the place where air feels the freshest....
The beach!!!

When we have been trapped inside for way to long, no air is fresher than at the beach!!!

This is where we start to feel better...where each person has freedom to breath! climb dig..

to feel the hope of a new season peaking its head out ....

Here's to a great weekend filled with color, fresh air and joy...lots of joy!!


  1. Great photos! It looks like your kiddos are enjoying the sand!!

  2. SO jealous! No beach too close to us and I know it would feel so good to take a break to one! Your kids are beautiful and it looks like the beach air did them good! Great color in your pictures!

  3. Wow- I feel relaxed just looking at your pictures today, Lisa! Thanks for the mental break! As an aside, do you guys still have Cheeser? We were talking about him in the truck the other day. Another friend of ours from several moves ago had/has a little dolphin named Squeaker, and we just got on the topic of special toys and old friends.

  4. BTW, it's currently warmed up enough to snow. We're having a heat wave at 21 degrees, so I especially relished the SUN in your post!