Friday, February 4, 2011

Breathing A Bit Easier Tonight

Pete has been flying for about 13 years now.  He has flown in all sorts of situations.  Being stationed in Alaska was the most challenging flying...and we made it through.
For some reason I was never really afraid there.  Probably just younger and not that introspective on considering anything awful happening to us.

This last few years we have known people that were affected by tragedy.  Tragedy that is unthinkable..helicopters crashing...pilots and crew men dying.

It has made me a bit on edge when it comes to Pete logging his flight hours.  It all of a sudden became a dangerous job to me.

This last week Pete was flying a helicopter from Mobile Alabama to Astoria Oregon.  The weather has been difficult and there flight plan changed hourly.  This particular helicopter is a "Southern Boy" he is not used to his cold weather gear working.

So amongst weather delays there has also been equipment issues.  And each time the phone rang this week I was just glad he was the one calling me.  I no longer care that he has to go away on these flights I just want him to come back to me.

Knowing that I am a bit more on edge with some of these flights he has been really good about checking in with me throughout the day...
" on deck in Amarillo, TX"
That was all I needed...on to the next leg on the trip.

Each night this week I went to bed happy, having gotten a call to say good night.

I think to myself, I never used to be this worried.  What is my deal?  But I know my deal (or should I say deals)
..they are called children, life and a future I dream of with only him.

So today starts off with a call pretty early...
"Hey Lease...we had fun last night in Vegas.  The buffet was $30 so we decided to starve until the morning.  I won $130 playing craps...then I was to hungry to play anymore so I walked away.  We will be heading to Napa Valley today. I hope to be in Astoria tomorrow."
As I mentioned it was early and the kids were crazy and I was heading out the door...
"Love you safe and let me know when you stop for fuel."

Day goes by and suddenly I realize the phone was unusually quiet.  No call.  My heart starts pounding.  My mind starts racing.  Why hasn't he called?

If something happened how would I find out.  How would they tell me?  Would they come to my house?  Should I not put on my PJ's yet?  What do I do until he calls?  What if he doesn't call? 
My heart was breaking..I was starting to freak out.

I called a friend who reminded me that news travels fast and if something happened we would already know...
"Go distract yourself..he will call." I calmed myself down...kinda.  I made dinner all while praying, willing the phone to ring...
And guess what...It did...but not who I wanted.  My heart stopped when I saw the caller was the XO's wife from Astoria..a good friend of mine..... She is a good friend that I very RARELY talk  to on the phone.  In that instant I thought to myself...
"This is who is calling me to tell me my world is over."
Just breathe...

"Hey LT..what's up? Is everything OK?"  She's like....
"Yeah, Bill wants your buffalo chicken dip recipe..I can't find it anywhere."
"Thank you GOD!!! "  That is all I could think.  And next thing I thought weird that your called me tonight of all nights.
Then my brain starts thinking all these other weird weird to post.
I tell her why I am a little startled by her call.  She's like.."I totally get it...let me call Bill so he can check on Pete for you."

I get off the phone thinking.."Pete loves that dip too, I will make it for him soon.  Just let him be OK!"

Moments later Pete texts..
"Safe on deck in Napa"
I start HYSTERICALLY worn out.
He calls me...I am sobbing.  But who cares..HE CALLED.  He IS FINE and I am ready to start making some dip and whatever else he wants.


  1. I'm glad he is okay. Not a good feeling at all.

    My husband is a pilot, commercial. So not something where I worry about him much, but a little over a year ago he had an engine failure and it was pretty scary to get a call saying "i'm okay". i was like, why wouldn't you be?! not cool. and not a moment I will ever forget.

  2. All my life I had been afraid to fly;I got that from my mother. Then I married a pilot. Must have been God's sense of humor working there. I knew I couldn't spend every day of the rest of my life worried about his safety, he's a pilot, he's going to fly. Psalm 139 was my saving grace: "Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens , you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." No matter where he is, on the ground or in the air, God is with him.

  3. Oh my goodness... that is so stressful Lisa! Glad to hear he is safe. We are thinking of you guys! xoxo

  4. I have a traveling husband. I get this...I totally get this.

  5. OMG Lisa, I got tears in my eyes when I read the end of the story! I think it's natrual as we get older, and have our children to worry about all that stuff more. I know I sure do with my husband. Hang in there!

  6. It's hard to be the strong one all the time isn't it? May God bless and keep your family safe and together always.

  7. Hey Lisa,
    With us still in AK, I hear ya. Every time any of us goes anywhere, on a plane, on a boat, even on a hike, it's so wilderness- and danger-adjacent, that there is cause for caution and concern... We kind of enjoy our life on the edge, but only when we're all together. I'm less tolerant of it when Greg's on his own. Ugh, the snacks I can put away when he's gone! :) Tell Pete 'Welcome Home'!

  8. So glad he is safe and sound. I can understand the relief of just hearing his voice...nothing else matters!

  9. Sooooo glad he was safe!! Love the pics of him and your kids.

    By the way... now you have to post the buffalo chicken dip recipe, because I, for one, am wondering about it!!

  10. I got teary eyed just reading this. I can't imagine all you must go through when he flies each time. You have to give it to God to take care of. That's all we can do sometimes. Glad he is safe. Hang in there and take care.


  11. Wow, what a story, what a day. Glad everything ended up well. Praying is all we can do sometimes, but man, that fear must have been pumping through you, I know it would have been for me.

    Great sillouette shots in the hangers. Those are so frame worthy.

    Have a great day!

  12. Uncle ROB said you probably do breath easier when he is away because he is not stinking up the bathroom. Trust me i know i lived with the guy for 12 years!!!!!