Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hear We Grow Again..I Think!

So here is my big ANNOUNCEMENT that I have been DYING to share with you all.  I have made simple hints here and there, but now I get to spill the beans.

We are PREGNANT!!  About 4 weeks ago I got myself 2 pink lines.  Actually I got like 26 pink lines because I always take like 300 pregnancy tests, give or take a few.  But this month I got what I had been hoping for...a new baby on the way.
All was great the first few weeks and now there is an "issue"....I need some mamas help here.  Another words, I am begging you to comment...PRETTY PLEASE!!!

First let me tell you about the GREAT, then we can move on to the NOT SO GREAT.....
The kids were OUT OF THIS WORLD EXCITED!!!  I usually wait a little while before telling them, but Emily is getting older and a lot more aware of EVERYTHING that goes on around her.  She put 2 and 2 together and asked me if we were having a new baby.  I told her yes, and she about died!!

We then told Molly, who promptly began to cry.  She got so emotional saying, "I can't believe I get another brother or sister."  Insert me with a big sloppy wet grin and you get the picture.

We told the other kids at dinner and Jack got so excited..."Let me see your belly mama.  Oh yes, it looks big already...."
"Really Jack????  I have some time I hope before that happens.  Priscilla just kept saying, "I'm a baby too"  The kids were so excited to inform her she would no longer be the "baby".  She was getting a promotion...
"Big Sister"

Super fun, super special.  All was well that night and many nights after that.

Now for the not so fun part of the story....I had a Dr. apt. last Monday.  That morning I started spotting...just barely, but there.  I told the Dr. and he had me come in the next day for an ultrasound.  I was kinda sad thinking , "Oh, no..not another miscarriage."
I had a miscarriage in October and it broke my heart!!! That was my 8th pregnancy (5 kiddos- 2 miscarriages plus our lost baby at 20 weeks).  In all of those situations I have NEVER spotted. 

With the previous miscarriage I just ....BLED and it was baby.  But this was weird.  I had the ultrasound Tuesday and there was a HEART BEAT!!!  Praise God!  I went home with picture in hand feeling grateful for the little sac on the screen that would one day keep me up all night nursing. 

But the spotting turned to bleeding and cramping and more worry.  I googled, cried and prayed...still am!
So here I am 7 weeks pregnant..I think.  I don't know what the story is with my baby.  I have talked to mamas who said they bled..but I am on day 6 of bleeding.  Not heavy, but not just spotting anymore.  The cramping is on and off and very worrisome.

I go to the Dr. next Monday and I assume I just have to be tortured until then.  What is the deal?  How is my baby?  Is there still a baby?

Please say yes..please still be there...

Last night we went out to dinner with friends.  One of the husbands asked me, "Do you guys have a number?  You know, how many kids you hope to have"
"Yes, SIX.  Right now my number is 6 and I hope to have that now"

Anyone else?  I would love to hear every detail...but if you do not want to share with the can e mail me

Hopefully I can fill these pages with good news soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Bit More About My Day

I read lots of blogs that have amazing pictures.  Most of them are moms with some MAJOR talent.  I have a D-90 with a really nice lens.  I often wonder how easy it is for these moms to take such beautiful pictures of their children.  I look at the pictures I take, and all I can hear is....

"Guys, I asked if you could all get together for a picture. PLEASE!"

"Jack, that is not a nice smile, please make a nice face buddy!!"

"Lucy, what is on your face?  Come on ..we are about to go into church.  You have been outside for 13 seconds.  What is all over you?"

"Emily, finger...nose??  Lucy, what kind of smile is that??  Priscilla...look at mama."

"Molly, here sweety!!"

"Priscilla...why are you crying AGAIN????"

"Lucy, what are you doing to Molly?"

"Can one of you guys wipe Priscilla's nose???"

"Priscilla, why are you crying AGAIN?"

Actually, that last sentence I say ALL DAY with our without my camera.  Why don't I see pictures like this on other mama blogs?  The blogs with beautiful pictures of their beautiful children. 

You know what..I am OK with not seeing it.  I know it happens, at least I assume it does.  But rest happens here...people cry, have dirty faces and make silly smiles.

And I tried to get a picture of me last night..but my neck looked like a chicken...just being honest.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yarn Along

I have really been off my blogging game lately.  I  have been in a picture taking, exciting life SLUMP!!!
I get it if you are so done with me.  I wish I could promise a more exciting life ahead.  Who knows, I may get a sewing machine and then I just know the blog will take off with fascinating stories of me trying to not loose myself in sewing. But for now I can entertain you with my ever lovin' pursuit of knitting.  And I will try not to comment on my own ability being far below my own expectation.
I will start with my confession of not really getting the whole worsted weight situation.  I am trying to learn about the different yarns..but I am still CLUELESS when it comes to what is what. So, lacking the yarn knowledge I so desperately need, I have made some key mistakes when trying to match patterns and yarn BY MYSELF!!!  But my little kids don't mind my 300 attempts at a single well fitted hat.

And this little beauty was knit with Louisa Harding's grace yarn.  Such yummy yarn even though it was not intended for this project.  This project is under the 1 hour section in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I am amazed to say this took me a REALLY long time to finish.  It is a sweet little kerchief that actually looks really cute on.  I think I love this project and want to make one for a friend.  I just have to carve out several hours to finish the 1 hour knitted gift.

This is the most annoying thing in my knitting world right now..and I really have no more to say about this except..who can untangle 200 yards of yarn?

And for another smashing Rosa hat from Soul Mama..just a little smaller than it should be.  But it less small than my other small ones have I am bound to get a hat right soon!!

She looks cute in it..even if her little ears with freeze from exposure..

 And this project comes from Louisa Harding's Queen of Hearts book.  It is a hat that I  think is going really well.  I LOVE this yarn. It is Hulda from Louisa Harding.  I hope to finish this by Friday because my girls have a knitting lesson with a knitting PROFESSIONAL and I need some help finishing this hat which is knit NOT in the round.  I think this hat could easily be knit in the round and I may try it myself, depending on how well this first hat goes.
This hat is so cute with a picot cast on and a neat ribbed pattern.  I have high hopes...I need a knitting success.  I hope this is the one!

And as usual I have no picture of books that I am reading.  I am waiting for a book I got from Amazon that I will be re-reading for the 100th time.  The name of the book is Mom Like You, by Vicki Farris.  Her husband founded HSLDA and they have 10 children.  Her book talks about her life as a home schooling mom.  I love her approach and I need to read it again.  It is one of those books that feels like an old friend is sharing her heart with you..and you need to hear it.

Join Ginny for  REAL LIFE AMAZING KNITTERS as she hosts this weeks Yarn Along

Monday, February 21, 2011

Money and Yarn

I have been really good lately about staying on a tight budget.  We are a cash only operation so being tight means not being able to buy random skeins of yarn and various needle sizes..just in case.

It also means we cut back on all the kids activities because they cost a small fortune.

But recently I found myself weeping in my Cheerios because nobody loves me...I am lonely and all I do is stay home..s..t...r...e....t...c...h....i....n.....g.....$$$$$$ (insert a few tears, some snorting crying and you get the picture).
And then I realized something, sometimes money is meant to be spent!!!

If I am sad and lonely and don't get out to do anything  I HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT MYSELF!! I am not justifying here...but sometimes there is a time when priorities need to be reassessed.  And I have officially reassessed.  We have 3 to 4 months left here.  I can spend that time feeling sad and detached, or I can engage and spend this time being part of the community I have lived in for 4 years.  I don't need to check out yet..there are still good times ahead.

I am assuming we will always feel the need to watch every dollar.  I figure I will always gasp when I have to fork over $90 to register 3 kids for a gymnastics class.  I figure right now..who needs lots of extra money hangin' around?  There is no time to spend it.  And then when we will have the time to spend, and the means to spend, there will be nobody left to spend it on.

But for now my checkbook is smokin' from the action it saw today.  We are back in the game folks...I am not through yet.  I have some Mobile life left in me.  I just needed to prove to myself I could save money and not say yes to every desire I had enter my brain.  I did it...I said no to lots of things.  I went without.  I am now in search of the great "sweet spot" between saving, spending and living....
The eternal quest for more money saved and more yarn purchased!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fresh, Fresh Air!!

Needing to absorb each bit of this amazing weather..we head to the place where air feels the freshest....
The beach!!!

When we have been trapped inside for way to long, no air is fresher than at the beach!!!

This is where we start to feel better...where each person has freedom to breath! climb dig..

to feel the hope of a new season peaking its head out ....

Here's to a great weekend filled with color, fresh air and joy...lots of joy!!