Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Would Think I Was Trying To Sell You This House

I can't sell you this house, we are renting it.  It is a cute house though.  This post was inspired by reading,  and enjoying,  so many blogs recently about the space people live in and how they have made it "new" this "new" year.

A few days before New Years I did some major rearranging.  This house is about 1700 sq. ft and we live in every inch of it.  I wanted a smaller house after we lived in a MONSTERLY huge home 2 years ago.  I needed a house I could handle.  Having a smaller space has been wonderful and sometimes frustrating.

The wonderful part is when I can clean it door to door in about 2 uninterrupted hours..getting the uninterrupted hours is the tricky part, but you already knew that....
Another advantage is, I am not running all over a house all day...we are all ALWAYS TOGETHER!!!! VERY CLOSELY TOGETHER..which I really do love.

The hardest thing about a small house is the inability to host people.  Pete and I are , "Hey, come over for dinner" type people....but living here has made that difficult.  We have a hard enough time getting our own selves around our table.  But after I moved a few things around, I really feel like we added tons of room. 
Some of you may be noticing the lack of clutter...or kids stuff.  I have to admit that I do need a neat environment to function.  This can be good, and not so good.  God will be the judge of that.

These stairs lead up to the older girls room where they share a converted attic.  It is ALWAYS hot up there.  There are no windows and it is hard to get a picture up there without using "the flash".  Plus, while I was taking these shots today it was quiet time and I did not want to disturb the peace with 100 questions.  I will share the kids rooms soon. Most of the toys and books are in their rooms and school room.

But, I have to say, we don't have a ton of toys. When we moved here and had ZERO storage or shelf room we knew we would really have to be picky about what we gave to the kids.  Our main toy is playing outside!!  There are times I wish the kids did have more room and toys to spread out, and other times I just inhale the simplicity of having and owning less stuff.

Another observation you may glean from these pictures is I really like old furniture painted white.  I don't just like this type of furniture I AM OBSESSED WITH IT.  And the fun thing about a lot of this furniture you see is I got most of it with my friend Tammy who moved recently.  So having things from her, or things we acquired when we were together really means a lot and adds to my love for it. I miss her, I miss our furniture shopping together, and I miss her input on just about everything...but that is another post!

I have been overly aware of my home lately because we are starting the "home search" for our move.  We poor through listing after listing, reading what each house has.  I just think of what I am surrounded by and I try to find a way to recreate that.

Starting new can be fun, but also scary.  But right now, as of January 5th, I am feeling pretty excited and open to what the next place may bring for us.  And after moving the furniture around and creating some newness in this small house I am reminded of how little we really need to be happy and content.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you around my house a little.  And I will do a bedroom photo shoot soon.  The problem is, somebody is usually sleeping in them at one point or another.

And to answer what some of you may asking yourselves...we do not 100% know where we are moving to yet.  But things are pretty positive for the DC area.  So I need any mama who knows any mama that lives in that area to get in touch with me and tell me ....

 Where I should call home for the next 4 years.
And if any of you are stopping by from the Wednesday Yarn Along I am so bummed that I did not get my knitting pictures taken before it got dark tonight.  I have been a knitting fool and I am so excited to show you 1 glove I have made..but then I thought how fun it would be to knit the other one, then share.
And if some of you have no idea what I am talking about ..just know that I love knitting and I want to knit the world....and then I want to show it to you...soon!


  1. Thanks for the tour! You really have a great space. :) I need a lack of clutter to function as well and I also believe that less is more in the toys department. I'm flabbergasted when I walk into people's houses where only 1-2 kids live and they have 10x more toys than my 4 do. I can't wait to see what you're knitting!

  2. Your home looks lovely! We have owned 7 homes this one our largest at over 3000 feet. I agree it is exhausting and I told my husband I'd like to downsize for so many reasons. I have been thinking about it a lot so I could really relate to this post. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your search! I'm not sure where you are in DC we lived in King George Va for awhile and my husband commuted to White Plains Md. DC area was very expensive!
    Have a great day!

  3. I do so love your little house - so very cute in every way! Being a pastor's family - we have moved many times and have only ever owned one house - so we try to make every house a home and enjoy each ones different percs...

    Best wishes with your move!

  4. I wish I could declutter our house like that. Guess that should be my goal for the new year, but I don't know where to begin. I should hire you to start ditching stuff!

  5. I love your house. I'm like you in that I don't like lots of toy clutter either. What ever fits in the bedrooms and garage cubby. My kids (especially the boys) are mostly outside.

    How often do you move? Every 4 years? Exciting in MANY ways!

  6. I love your house and all of your furniture. That red and white chair looks so comfy and inviting. Can't wait to see more and what there is in store for your family in 2011.
    Happy New Year.

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  8. You can find Little houses that grow in Lake Ridge. Va. It is very family oriented and lots of home schoolers as well. Not a fun ride to Dc with commuter traffic. If stationed at Ft Belvoir or Quantico it is a good place to settle. There are lots of parks and quaint towns to explore.

  9. Oh, I missed this post the other day! Come on up to DC, we'll be glad to have you! We're in Centreville, VA and it's a good spot for us. The homeschooling Hornes are right around the corner too. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or panic moments!