Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where To Begin?

A friend really made my day today...she was worried about me.  I had not blogged since my trip and she wanted to make sure I was OK.  That is the greatest feeling ever..the feeling like people care and maybe have missed me.  Hey, it doesn't take much to melt my heart.  But I really appreciated it.
I could write a really long post about how I never travel, never leave my kids with anyone but Pete and the one time I do IT SNOWS IN ATLANTA and delays our trip.  At one point our trip was in danger of not happening.  Can you imagine..me all cute in my heeled boots ready to tour DC and have to come home to pour cereal for breakfast instead??? Needless to say..we got there

I packed my camera and was so excited to document my trip..and then realized I left my battery in the charger.  No pictures for me..not one single one.  And I was a pretty big girl about it too.  Pete offered to try and find  somewhere to buy a new battery..but I just said, "Hey one less thing to worry about!"

 I have to say there was not a lot of free time on this trip for either of us.  Pete had to work and I had a Realtor driving me ALL over the DC area.  Very fun, very tiring! When we came home late Saturday I just absorbed my kids and took a couple of days to just LOVE them up.

But if you are dying to know I LOVE Virginia and I am SUPER excited about moving there...
I just hope the Coast Guard cares what I want, but they very rarely ask me.
I am hoping to be better about taking pictures now that things have settled down.  I have been really bad lately about playing with my camera..so sorry for the BORING photos lately.  More exciting things to come, I hope!!


  1. I'm glad to see you back! Best wishes as the planning and prepping unfolds for your move. Not an easy task with the kids.

  2. as much as I love love love taking pictures, sometimes it is really nice to just be in the moment instead of trying to capture it.

    Glad you liked Virginia and enjoy your kids now that you are home!

  3. Welcome back. I missed you too! My bff lives in the DC area and I love visiting. You'll have a wonderful time there once you get settled. :)

  4. Welcome back! Where did you look in Virginia? Is there one particular area that really struck your fancy! Can't wait to have you up here!

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I have a stepdaughter that lives in Triangle, VA and they both work in DC. How was knitting on your trip? Welcome back!