Monday, January 31, 2011

Reason #156 Why I Love To Homeschool

Because my girls hang pictures of American Girl Dolls on their wall.

They spend time, hours sometimes, working on projects that they come up with involoving the sweetest things.  Things that little girls age 9 should be thinking about.

They decorate their desks with Saint cards...not because they are Saints (yet), but because that's what their friends do, so it is cool.

They make signs like this, and more importantly, they think things like this.

I don't care what other kids do in other families. My kids are not perfect.  I just know at 9 years old I was hanging posters of White Snake in my room and thinking who I was going to sit next to in lunch.

My girls are innocent.  They should be..they are little.  I just want to hang on to that as long as I can. I think home schooling helps me do that.

We don't live in a bubble.  They are not totally shut off from the world because I home school.  They are just participating in a world I help create and maintain.  A world that I have a lot of say in.

They want what other girls want, to wear lipstick and paint their nails.  But they know there are rules we set and they have a lot to look forward to.
They are getting older.  Each day brings a new kid to the breakfast table.  Each season we have new trials to manage and new needs to satisify.  But they are supposed to have needs and I am supposed to fill them.  Filling their needs makes me a better person.

She has taught me so much.  She still trains me and creates millions of moments that I never thought possible, some good and some not so good.  But each day I get to know her a little better.  I get to be there to help her discover who she is.

And each day she gets to discover who I am. And sometimes, well A LOT of times, she gets to hear me say..."Em, that was wrong of me."  But that is good.  That is why I keep her home with learn...
Not just about numbers and reading...but to learn that Saints are cool and her mom makes mistakes!!


  1. At nine I already thought I wasn't pretty enough or smart enough or cool enough. I hadn't yet learned that I didn't have to be any of those things because Jesus is enough. I wish my innocence had been protected a little longer. As a fifteen year homeschooling veteran I can tell you that protecting them now will pay-off big time in the teen years. Keep up the good work, Mom.

  2. Beautiful! I am so happy to read about other moms that want their little girls to be little girls! You are doing a great job! I feel ours are somewhat sheltered as well, being in a catholic school. Keep doing what you are doing!!!!

  3. Thanks for a post on homeschooling! Love to hear about it! My oldest is 10 and she is still innocent & sweet and mature for her age in wisdom. She hasn't been homeschooled but it's an option I will use if we need it! She has shown me so far she can be a positive influence on those around her and she stands up for what she believes in! I can totally understand your reasoning though, there are many times I just want to keep them all tucked under my wings!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! And I completely agree. It is amazing, the people who my kids are becoming. I am often completely blown away by them and how I wish that at their age I had been such a wonderful kid.

    Oh and... White Snake... yeah.... oh boy... memories.

  5. I read this post the other night and loved it! So sweet. I, too, try to hold onto my boys' innocence as long as possible, which, of course, is much harder in public school.

    Anyway, Scott was just looking over my shoulder as I read the new post above this one. Then I came to this one again and told him, "Oh, I loved this one! Let me read it to you." Well, I could barely get through it and was in full tears by the end. It's just so sweet the way you raise your family and it really touches me. :-)

  6. Innocence can never be regained. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. Yes, saints and grandparents are wonderful to admire.
    Ps. do you have a current Yarn Along or did I miss it somewhere?