Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Am Really A Plogger

I have decided that I am not really a blogger...more like a plogger.

To me a plogger is a person who takes pictures, writes a few words, maybe about the pictures, maybe not, and then presses Publish Post.

I like to read other peoples blogs that are mainly pictures with a smattering of words. 

I have tried to be deep, provocative and mysterious with certain posts....but it kinds flops.

So I am now officially not calling myself a blogger...I am a plogger...
I take pictures, I say a few meaningless words and then I hit


  1. I love this! I am the same way :) Happy to know there is a word for it! Have a great day!!

  2. Me too!! Lol. It almost seems like more a scrapbook for me. Sometimes I worry that I don't have much to offer and wonder if I should even bother. But I do find so much inspiration. I have to admit my favorite blogs, though, are the ones with lots of pictures! I have tried to do thoughtful posts and people think I am depressed. I try to be funny or sarcastic and people think I am depressed, lol. So, I too am a plogger! Love it!

  3. Sorry, lol, on hubby's phone, this is Amy Caroline!

  4. Plogger! Too funny! It's your blog. You post what you want!

  5. I'm right there with you friend!! :)

  6. I love a plogger!!! I don't have the time nor the brain power to read deep and long information, especially when I read it late at night. You are extremely entertaining and I look forward to an enjoyable moment of reading your blog. As Retzel likes to say "YOU ROCK!!".
    By the way, this is Angela Wilson. I haven't taken the time to fill out all the other jazz so that my name will appear. God bless you.

  7. Well, you were a blogger in the previous post, and it was good! Good writing. I just said so in the comments to it. I think I must be a plogger-blogger. Always tons of photos, and I always say too much, too. Ridiculously long posts. I'm working on it. ; )

  8. it's a balance and i know i have a ways to go in acheiving it! just wanted to say i love your blog, it's the one i'm most looking forward to reading right now! i would love to hear more about homeschooling! (whenever!)