Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Post Of The Year..This Better Be Good

No pressure, right?  I mean it is just the start of a whole new something.  Who knows what??  So what did we do to ring in the new year?  A year filled with hope and change...oh wait that was 2008...

Well before the new year rang in I spent most of the days leading up CLEANING.  I mean..CLEANING.  I moved the whole house around.  I changed almost every room.
Whenever I do this I am SO amazed at why I had never had things this way in the past.  I can say something pretty deep here about God revealing to you what you need to know when He thinks it best, and I do agree with that.  But then I have to remember I am talking about moving furniture and not get carried away.

But really this post is to say I am entering 2011 filled with JOY!!  Pure JOY!!  Do you see this picture above??  We have waited a LONG time for a moment like this...All of us together, cuddled together watching a moving.

Well, it was pure joy to be in the this moment.  A moment when all 7 of us were together being a family.  Yes Priscilla only lasted about 30 minutes..but we are so close.  We are so close to being the family that I have dreamed of.

A big family being together...just being, just enjoying.  I know we have a long way to go before we have long dinners discussing Religion and Politics, sipping wine, taking our time.  But right now, this year I am so celebrating the fact the all 7 of us welcomed the new year together....just us...being just us!

Just us making sweet simple memories and traditions.  I feel like I was more moved by New Year's than Christmas.  And please don't be to disappointed in me for saying that.  Even with all the emphasis on celebrating Christ being born, and not so much on gifts, Christmas still has tons of hussel and bussel that New Years does not.
   So I think I actually got to enjoy and participate in some moments instead of just conducting them. You know what I mean?

 Christmas was wonderful and I loved every minute...just every minute there is something to do, or something you feel like you should do.  New Year's and the Feast of Mary Mother of just simple and refreshing!!
But here we are..starting new.  I am not a big resolution gal..but I do love a fresh start and I am going to take advantage of the fresh energy a new year brings.

I am going to finish this school year with more joy and focus....

I am going to love up these littles and remember each moment they create.

I am going to sit still with them.

 I am going to take pictures in bad light because I would rather remember Priscilla wrapped up with her Na-Na than worry about taking a poorly lit photo.  Big changes around here folks!!
I am going to try harder!!


  1. Happy New Year! Looks like a great new year's! I love the picture of all of the kids snuggled together!

  2. Happy New Year! We are still waiting for when we can all enjoy our moving nights without a tantrum or someone peeing on the floor or insisting on standing directly in front of the TV...

    it will come, I know. Glad to see you are close!

    PS - I love your hutch with all the white dishes. Nice work.

  3. It sounds like a great beginning to a new year! Who wouldn't want to ring in the new year with those 5 cuties!

  4. Your family is beautiful. I checked out your blog off of the Hubbells. My husband playing in a band with Thomas in college. As I check out your blog for the first time I noticed the Avenue of Oaks. I graduated from Spring Hill in '98. Also, your family is exact opposite of ours. We have 4 boys and 1 girl and she is in the middle. I really enjoy your blog.

  5. Happy New Year Lisa! Your kids are so cute. Your oldest one looks so much like you. I bet everyone tells you that. Enjoy them in the New Year!

  6. Oh your children are just adorable Lisa :) What a great photo of them all together cozied up like that! To funny about the cleaning to. I did the same thing yesterday! I got out of bed and while I was lighting wood stoves I found myself running around with the vaccuum cleaner sucking cobwebs from ceilings and dusting like a maniac LOL. Maybe it was the sunshine that the new year brought with it but I felt this insane urge to clean *grin*.

    I'm feeling renewed after the holidays to and ready to tackle the rest of our school year as well. January always brings a bit of the blahs for me in the education department but I think I'm going to make it LOL. How are you guys doing? I haven't had a chance to stop by lately but I hope it has been going well again :) Happy new year!!

  7. Happy New Year! I love New Years too. Makes me look back and challenge myself for the new year. Gives me a lot to think about and not in a bad way, lol!

  8. Love the post, BUT--you got a Le Creuset set???? I am so jealous I can hardly stand it. You go girl!