Friday, January 21, 2011

The Day After Trash Monday

When Katrina hit the Gulf Coast the city of Mobile started a weekly large trash pick up day.  A day when you can put ANYTHING curb side and the wonderful trash men would whisk it away.  It was initially introduced for hurricane clean up, but my children have spent 4 years loving trash Monday.
They usually scour the neighborhood for things they can put in whichever fort they are setting up that week.

I am just starting the realize the fact that we may not be the best neighbors.

In fact, we may be awful neighbors. Our kids play outside most of the afternoon.  I am always out there with them, but kids are kids and stuff can happen LOUDLY in the blink of an eye.

We clearly create some questionable landscaping.

And people never really can say goodbye to their trash.

No tree is left unclimbed....

No dirt hill is left untouched....

Nothing is ever trash, just untapped treasure.

So as we look into specific neighborhoods for our next duty station I have to ask myself, would I want me as a neighbor????

Things will have to change in our future.  Some things we will be glad to see the fact that when it rains our street floods up to our top porch step.  That I will be glad to say goodbye to.

But my kids getting to turn trash into hours of fun...that will be sad to leave.
But I have a feeling our neighbors won't think so.
So let me end by saying sorry to the future neighbors of ours.  I am trying to raise imaginative, playful, independent kids who see the beauty in the world around them, kids who make the best of whatever they have to deal with.
And sometimes it means using your old Christmas tree as the centerpiece of their new fort.


  1. Have you read Roxaboxen with your kids? It's by Alice McLerran. The childeren scrounge materials from the neighborhood and create an imaginary town. My kids were digging up my backyard for weeks after we read that. I had to eventually put a stop to that, but my kids still have fond memories of the story.

  2. This sounds very much like my kids. There are old trash "burial grounds" in the woods near our house, and they go on digs regularly.

  3. They used to have trash days like that when we were stationed in Germany! Oh how I miss those! They were the best!

  4. We also live in Mobile and I get the best stuff! Usually I get toys and then spray paint them fun colors so they look new and we can tell ours apart from everyone else's.