Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just in case anyone was wondering....this is really hard.  This job of being a is really hard.
Like, don't always want to do it can someone take all of them to school today hard.  I am sure  none of you have these days, weeks, or months..or even YEARS!!!

 I think I am ready to say that this year is REALLY hard..possibly my hardest yet, with school!
The amount of DISTRACTION that my daughters and I face EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY overwhelming...
I write this knowing some of you have double the distraction and challenges as I have and I do keep that in my heart and prayers when I am struggling with my own minutes.
So, why am I sitting here blogging instead of dealing with all of this???
It is called a cooling off period...and I need one!

I am REALLY ready for Christmas Break...but I am also scared of it...what if I never start again?  What if the break feels so good that I just keep it going on and on and on???
Anyway, sounds like cooling off time is done and I am just going to have to pray my way through 17 more weeks of school.
My sweet cousin says having something to pray for gives you an active prayer life....
this is me being VERY ACTIVE IN MY PRAYER LIFE!!!
And as a side note...God is good and I have had so many prayers answered in ways that  I would not have imagined wanting.  I trust in Him and I know I am where I am supposed to be...but sometimes it is hard to be where He wants you..that's all!!


  1. Great post:o) Love the thoughts on prayer...
    Hope your day gets better.

  2. Lisa, Just remember, it won't be long and you will wish you had these CRAZY days again. I know... it sounds crazy, but it is TRUE! Try and enjoy each minute and remind yourself how quickly they will fly by.

    Also, would you please email me your mailing address, I have a magazine subscription I want to get sent to two sweet little girls. Thanks.

    I love ya, Aunt Donna

  3. Aww, big (((hugs))). We had a year like that last year. It seemed like none of our school books were the right fit, it was a struggle with my oldest to get him to write anything and I was adding in a 1st grader to the mix and my toddler was a monster LOL. Some days we just cut things short so that I could take a mommy time out to cool off like you so that I could collect my thoughts, pray and just breathe *grin*. For me the holiday time was so welcome and I took an extra week on top of our planned 2 weeks and it actually refreshed my spirit and I think the kids. This year is going much better than last so I hope yours will phase out after the holidays or at the end of the school year at the most! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers :)

  4. Hang in there! We all have those days.

  5. i just had a day like this yesterday. it was bad and i was a bad, mean, ugly mom. i just wanted to run away and be gone from it all. but then i had a cooling off, got my stuff together and moved on. and went to church last night...without the kiddos...and boy it was good!
    GOD is good and i am trying to let him be in control more then me...easy to say.

    hope your days gets better!

  6. Thanks Guys!
    I REALLY need to just vent sometimes. I thank you all for your comments!

  7. Don't we all feel like this at times. Yesterday was my day, my mom used to call them "Calgon take me away days." Anybody who is a mom, knows exactly what you are going through.

    Hopefully I'm late to this little party and you're already feeling better!!

    PS Happy Belated birthday. I love the apron you were wearing, very classy!