Saturday, December 11, 2010

Talent Over Time

You know when you have kids you want them to be perfect.  Not perfect perfect..just perfect for them.  Happy in their own skin type perfect.  Finding good friends, learning specific interests and mastering their own life are goals we all want achieved for our sweet offspring.

We all go about helping them in different ways....but ultimately we all want the same thing....happy, well adjusted kids who follow God's plan for them.
The other day my friend and I were talking about her sending her oldest son to High School next year after being homeschooled most of his life.  We were talking about kids adjusting to change and being accepted when they are the "new" kid.  Sometimes when the "new" kid is REALLY good at something, music, sports, whatever, they have an easier road when it comes to fitting right in.
The kids who's talents are not fully recognized may struggle to find a group just for them.

We started talking about kids who have natural talent and I kept trying to figure out what my talent was, or is.
When I was in High School I would have to say that I had no talent.  I was not exceptionally good at anything except talking a lot and having my nose in every ones business.  I played soccer but that was purely for the bus ride, that's where all the fun took place.

As we were talking she said, "I just want my kids to find something that they enjoy doing so much that they don't give it up, even when it gets hard." 
I was blown away by her saying that.....
That is EXACTLY it...we all want to have something in our life that we like doing so much that we don't want to give it up...even when it gets hard.

I want that for my kids. I hope and pray that they find that in their life....
But here's what I instantly knew when she said that,
it may not happen when they are kids.
They may not find that "talent" until they are much 35 and have learned to knit and love it so much that they don't want to give it up no matter how hard it gets.

We want our kids to accomplish things that we know will make them happy , but sometimes God has his own time line and it usually looks nothing like ours.


  1. I was much the same way in high school. I can even remember wanting to find something back then, but didn't even know how to start. And it took a lot of struggle and time for me to find.... well me! And I totally get the bit about knitting. I started crocheting when I was 29 and knitting when i was 31! Now almost every night there I am yarn in hand!

  2. I really love these pictures!! Precious! I was thinking about what you wrote and what I truly desire for my kids. I desire that they love God more than anything and receive His salvation through Jesus and live for Him allowing Him to direct their steps in all circumstances. I desire that they have His joy and are content in Him. I pray that His light will radiate through them, and they will live as servants of Him because I know that only then they will have true joy in all circumstances. True, eternal, lasting peace can only come through Him!! And I praise Him for that. God will give them all they need as they trust in Him to direct their steps.

  3. Beautiful Post! Don't forget that one of your talents is "blogging" and photography!