Monday, December 20, 2010

Now That I Have Your Attention...

 So I have to tell you Pete was a little HORRIFIED when he read my post from yesterday.  He was like, "Lease, my brother reads this!" 
 No worries,  no more talk of PMS in this post. Just gratitude for the sweet out pouring of e-mails and comments.

I am proud to report another tear free day.   

Pete and I went to coffee today and we talked for a few minutes, well I talked, he answered.  I asked him if my new love of knitting bothered him.  He said , "No, I love that you love knitting.  The only thing that bothers me is when I know you would rather be knitting than doing what you are doing at that moment."

I love that type of feedback.  I want to hear those things.  I want to know where I need to improve.  I don't want to give off the energy that I don't want to be with everybody, and I must have for him to notice, and then tell me. 
(As a side note: I love feedback so much that sometimes I wish I could leave comment cards for people to fill out after we have had a conversation, or any interaction really.  I would require they let me know a few things
1. How would you rate your time with me?
2.  What would you like to see changed in the future?
This may seem silly, like I am preoccupied with what other people think about me.  But I would argue I just like to know what other people think..PERIOD!!  )

So, I have to practice putting up the needles and leaving them, completely.  This reminds me of my friend who moved away this past summer.  She was so good about trying to "be in the moment".  She said it often and really lived the moment.

I have a hard time with that concept..but it is a concept worth working on.  I just get so excited about the next moment and what may be coming, I loose focus on the moment at hand.

When it is Advent, stay in Advent...prepare, await, hope!!

When it is Christmas, stay in Christmas..rejoice, celebrate, remember.

When I am knitting, stay knitting and when I am done...BE DONE!!!
All things are relative I guess!!!


  1. I struggle myself with whether to share 'too much info", especially because my brothers, dad, etc read my blog - so I tend to stay on the 'safe' track, but I don't think that approach is the best. First because it creates a false sense of 'perfection' - as though my life was all baking cookies and sewing cute little dresses for my kids, and secondly because it fails to create any kind of real connection or community with anyone reading my blog. That takes risk.

    Personally as much as I love reading about everyone's crafts, baking, activities,'s not the real reason I love this whole crazy blog world. What I love is the occasional genuine post where someone shares something difficult that is going on in their life (in a non-complaining, just authentic...'this is really hard' kind of way) , and I feel touched, and like I can relate, and like 'it's not just me' kind of feeling.

    Thank-you for being real.

  2. In the moment can be a hard concept for me to put into practice as well. Beautiful shots with the chair. I'm happy you noticed the knitted Santa Hat. It's actually really easy and...a one-size fits most pattern that I wrote! If you want to take a stab at it at some point, it would probably fit *most* of your kids. :)

  3. Pretty bokeh in that last pic! You need to submit it to the Pioneer Woman photo contest that's going on right NOW!!

  4. I'm the same way. I often want to be blogging or reading blogs. Living in the moment is something I need to focus on daily. And I love the idea of comment cards!

  5. I understand a husband's need not to have EVERYTHING out there but his brother either has a wife or will someday have one and moods and stress are a fact of female life. Doesn't it comfort you to know that sometimes other women feel the same way? When I read your post, I was thinking" wow, me too." I have a great life, many blessings and for a short period of time each month I feel overwhelming sadness. Then I feel bad for feeling bad when I am actually very lucky. A vicious cycle, but one that passes so it can be good to talk about. Maybe next time a disclaimer for the men and they can decide to read on or not.
    Love the photos! Love the fact you take ordinary things and make them very artsy. It's nice to have children who will let you take their picture. (My teenage boys do not usually cooperate.)
    I hope you have a sunshine filled day, even if it is cloudy out. I enjoy reading all you write and share.

  6. I need to live in the moment more as well...something I need to work on in 2011! As for feedback...I love it too. I was a trainer at Target HQ before being at home, so I got lots of feedback from training...I miss it some days! And there is a long list of things I would LOVE to blog about, but because the hubby and family read...I sometimes don't and it bugs me a little good for you for blogging about PMS!

  7. Woman deal with PMS, brother-in-laws know this too. Hee hee.

    Staying in the moment is hard to do because us ladies have so many things travelling through our brains, only two hands and less than 24 hours a day to get it all done. And a lot of those tasks are not things we may enjoy as much as knitting. Way to go, for the effort.

    I love the red chair and the boots. Too sweet.

  8. Being in the moment is something I need to work on too...along with other things, of course. Glad you're feeling better: ) Merry Christmas!

  9. I LOVE this post. I think Being in the moment is exactly where I struggle. I really find myself trying to just BE, more and more. Such a great reminder!

  10. Perfect post. I don't think guys read everything we girls write anyhow, mine mostly scrolls to the pictures and if they're super exciting or something then he might go read what I've said about it.

    On another note...the blue yarn is scrumptious!