Monday, December 27, 2010

Not Sure I Will Get Invited Back

My friend invited us over again.  Tonight it was for dinner.  Yum!!

She mentioned something about her family seeing the pictures from the gingerbread decorating the other day.  She said her family liked seeing the pictures of her kids since she never sends them any.

So, never being one who needs to be asked I said.."Hey, I'll bring my camera tonight to take some pictures to give you."

And then I immediately said, "We will be over at 4:30 so I can get some good light. OK?"  Never stopping to think that 4:30 might not be what she was thinking. It's all about me and my need to take pictures...whether you like it or not!

So I was just 10 minutes late and the light was getting pretty shady..but I grabbed 5 of her boys and asked them to quickly follow me..with smiles please...

And they did!

 Right after they dropped their basketballs.
Taking pictures of boys is just a wee bit different then little sweet girls.

Faces, noises, and some joyful "playfulness".

Then I decide I needed to move the party inside ...

Not sure if they wanted me following them around the kitchen clicking away...

But hey, it's all about me playing with the light and practicing on moving objects.

So thanks for inviting me over,

And I will try to not take pictures next time we are invited over..... if there is a next time.

But with all these smiling faces....

lots of moving objects....

how can I resist?

And if anyone else would like to have us over for dinner I promise to ask you what time you would like us to arrive.

And I will try not to think about how much natural light will be left for me to take pictures.

And one other thing...

I took 144 pictures in about 20 minutes.
What you see here are the best 28 of them.

The rest are on the cutting room floor.  Not because of the subjects...but I should have invited myself over 30 minutes earlier.

The light would have been a little bit better.

Hey , there is always next time!


  1. Lisa this post was too funny! I could just hear you saying you will be over at 4:30, when the light is good. :)

    That picture of the parents laughing is GREAT! I bet they love it.

    And it looked like they were making something good for dinner! How fun.
    Great pics.

  2. they are going to LOVE these!

    the 3rd picture of the couple is my favorite. He is looking at the camera and she is is perfect. they look like joyful people.

    so fun!

  3. What a fun post! I have a feeling you will be invited back again!

  4. Just stopping by for the first time, but wanted to say thanks for those photos of my friends J & K! I hope you love them as much as I do! I'm jealous you were invited to dinner. :-)

  5. Caren , Joe and The Kids...

    I loved the pictures and how you have all grown, it's great to see all of you...Even In Pictures

    God Bless You All - Love, Uncle Bill

  6. Awesome pictures! Thank you so much for taking them! I especially like the one with the boys against the wall.

  7. Beautiful pictures! Love this family! We miss you, J&C!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous family! I love the kitchen ones. These are completely frameworthy... and the lighting was perfect! :)