Monday, December 13, 2010

Letters From A Tortured Kitten

We are looking at Week 15 for school. I have to say I am counting down 17 more weeks.
This year Emily has to do A LOT of writing .  She is really good at writing so it really is not hard for her.  I do dread 4th grade with any child who does not LOVE to write.

One of my favorite subjects is Intermediate Language Lessons, which is basic language and grammer skills.  Each lesson has the student doing a variety of things.  Some lessons are more fun than others, but all effective .  When I read todays lesson I knew Emily was going to LOVE doing this.
She had to write a letter from a cat who was left behind when her master(s) went away from the home.  The letter was being written to the owner alerting her as to the happenings since the cat was left.

So, Emily got to work and whipped out a letter that I thought was so funny and clever...I had to share it.  She loves to write and I think she is SUPER good at natural good.  So enjoy this sweet letter...

                                                                                                                       May 18, 2010
Dear Mistress Molly and June,
     I am suffering a great deal of pain, for your  angel siblings, Zoe, Priscilla and Anne, have tortured me terribly and I beg that you would come back.  I humbly complain of the "kitty mash" which your wonderful mother has prepared for me.
     I only have one life left and your siblings are not respectful of that and I think they are trying to get rid of it.  One day I was walking and a small band of squirrels overcame me and left me suffering deeply.  Please come back Mistress Molly and June!
                                                                                                              Butter Fluff

What I love too is Emily HAS to illustrate EVERYTHING she writes.  It's like the story has to be told both ways for her to feel like it is complete.  I think that is so neat.

I laughed when I read her letter and God needed to send me a laugh today.  Things in my homeschool are.....slowing down.  And they shouldn't be.  I need to be in this game 100% and right now I am operating on like 25%...not good.

I often wonder and worry, "Am I doing enough?" That is the mantra of MOST homeschoolers. I say that 50 times a day ..for each child. That is like 250 times a day of me saying the same thing to myself.  So when an assignment comes across my desk that brings us all such joy I feel that at that moment I may be doing enough. 


  1. I enjoyed this - made me smile. She's a great illustrator as well as writer!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! You must be so proud of Emily! What a truly fantastic letter! I love all the descriptive words, Lisa! She must have an equally fantastic teacher!

    Gwen on the other hand is excelling in spite of me. We are also completely derailed right now. Just comfort yourself with the fact that absolutely nothing is happening in most public schools (or private for that matter) this week due to parties, assemblies, more parties, and just general excitement for the upcoming break. Teachers are throwing a lot of busywork at the kids right now, and obviously Emily is lightyears ahead of many many students. She's doing great and so are you!

  3. I would say you are doing enough!! She is a beautiful young lady with talent and excellent writing skills. I know that feeling too. But what a blessing to be able to homeschool and see the fruit of that.

  4. I ask myself that all the time too girl! I'd say you're doing a fabulous job though, from the sounds of it. I can't believe we get to do this job! :)


  5. She is so very cute -- A beautiful combination of you and your husband!