Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Can't Help But Smile

When I came home and went through the 400 pictures I took I was grinning ear to ear.

Even though I was unable to take as many pictures as I would have liked I took some good ones, some real ones.

Moments that were just ...happy, filled with true joy.  I don't remember saying..."smile"...they were just there.

Was is all the babies that were being passed around, loved on and played with?? Was it watching a family grow right before your eyes?
My mom always has a smile..she never has an angry face.  I want my kids to say that about me.  I want them to remember that I smiled a lot.. at them.. because of them.

I don't want to roll out the smiles only when Turkey is on the menu.  I don't want to have to
I want to see them because they are there!!

I am a realist...being happy is not ALWAYS going to be that easy.  I mean some things are just UNHAPPY in life.  But this year, this Christmas I want to practice being happy.

I want to practice laughing with my kids, laughing at myself.

Just recently I have felt more "able" in my life.  I am just now able to handle certain things in my life that I  was UN-able to before.  Having those last 3 babies made for a CRAZY 3 years.  I was in survival mode for a long time...but I feel me coming out of that.

I am now able to return phone calls.  I am now able to go to the library without Pete.  I am able to complete several sentences when meeting with others moms.  I am not at the complete "I HAVE SURVIVED" phase yet..but I am so close. 
I have more time now to see the smiles around me and return them.  I know I have lots of smiles ahead...and I'll Be Ready!!


  1. I am so inspired by this post. Thank you! I'm still pretty deep in survival mode but I love the idea of practicing being happy this Christmas. :)

  2. What a fun post... I love all of the smiles and happy family pictures!! They turned out so sweet! This Thanksgiving was so nice and a great way to start off the Christmas season!! (even though I have been listening to Christmas music since August!)

  3. I love this post! Especially the part about the smiles! You're a great inspiration, Lisa! Thank you! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. I love your pictures and their not even my own family! I too will practice being happy this Christmas....the angst is already descending so I better get on it! Thanks for reminding us!

  5. Survival mode came and went several time for me, I seemed to have all my kids in groups of 3 in 3 years so I know exactly what you mean!
    You took some great photos and I was inpsired as well by this post!

  6. Wonderful pictures. You have a great gift!