Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ginny's Yarn Along

I am hanging out with Ginny from Small Things.  She gets a bunch of us together on Wednesday to share our love of all things knitted.  Check out her blog for more amazing knitted inspiration.

First, let me introduce you to my knitting chair.  This chair is where I long to be, knitting in the middle of my sweet family.

I have only been knitting for a short while now and I just feel so "at home" when I am doing it, in this chair! 

As for do I have some going on.  I am making the blue leg warmers from
Last Minute Knitted Gifts book.

I want to make 1 of everything in this delightfully amazing book.  Please beg a loved one to buy this for will love it!!

 I made this fun, easy hat one night last week.  I really love chunky yarn fun and forgiving.

This hat fits whoever wears it so my streak of knitting hats that don't fit ANYONE has been interrupted for the moment.
Too bad it is NEVER cold enough here to wear hats for more than a few hours.  Let me just say..when a really cold day hits here in Alabama I will be armed with hats for ANYONE that wants to wear one.

Can you tell I want to transfer to somewhere COLD and hat wearing worthy.

Another book that I got from the library is the Quick Knits Cascade 220.  I have had fun making a hat or two from this book.  I just love having all this yarn laying around my house just awaiting me to create something with it. And having books from the library has really helped me see the potential for my future projects.

I just have to pace myself.  These leg warmers are for me and I know for a fact they are going to take me a little longer to work on them then the 4 to 6 hours they suggest in the book...
especially because I have a few Christmas projects to knock out over the next couple of days.
Happy Knitting and Christmas Merry Making!!


  1. Gorgeous yarn- is that Kidsilk Haze I see?
    And as for hats... I suggest using a cotton yarn and calling them sunhats ;)

  2. Cute leg warmers!
    Looks like you are moving right along with your new hobby! Good for you. Looks fun.

  3. Girl, LIBRARY books?! Why did I never think of that!? I seriously think I need to try a few new things... gotta learn how to make hats first though. I have no one to ask!!

  4. LMKG is one of my favorite knitting books! can't wait to see your finished legwarmers!

  5. What a gift to have such a chair! I'm hoping to knit up some legwarmers, too... why is it that projects for myself always take longer? ;-)

  6. I wish I had a nice knitting chair like you. Your leggings are very sweet and I love the chunky hat!

    Merry Christmas :)

  7. I am finding so many wonderful new blogs through Yarn Along. I am also a homeschooling blogging mommy of five and you give me hope that I might still find time to knit!

  8. oooh! wonderful! i want everything in your post. which yarn did you use for your little girl's hat? it's so adorable. i will make those leg warmers one day! i've been seeing them for years.... that cascade book seems like a great thing to have in one's knitting library for sure. and... you will love getting a self striping yarn for a hat one day in your future! i guarantee it! : ) thanks for stopping by. i do enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pretty pictures! merry christmas!