Friday, November 19, 2010

A Temporary Farewell

I am finally at this day.  We are finally getting ready to pack to go to Florida for Thanksgiving.  I have waited a whole year for this day!!
 I am a HUGE fan of Thanksgiving.  I am sure it has something to do with all the family getting together.  Having a special day which is always filled with such anticipation for an even bigger gathering just weeks away.
I have always loved Thanksgiving for all those reasons.  But there is another reason I love Thanksgiving...

MY BIRTHDAY is right around the corner.  And I am REALLY a HUGE fan of MY BIRTHDAY!!!
I know as I get older I may feel different..but I don't think so. I love celebrating the year that past and the year that lies ahead.  And really , I love any celebration that deals with...

I realize that is not the most humble of statements...but that's the way I am !!!
Last Thanksgiving  (which is where ALL these pictures come from) was such a special time.
It was the last Thanksgiving that we spent in my parents house...the house I grew up in. 

My parents had to move last spring for my dad's job, so there will be NO more Thanksgivings at my old house.
We kind of knew that might be the case, so last year I remember taking each moment and soaking it all in.

I am glad I did ..because I will miss it for the rest of my life. 

 There is such sadness when something comes to an end in your life, but with that sadness comes a whole new appreciation for the memories that were made.  I loved each holiday in that house.  But what I really love is the family that we were there with . And there are great memories ahead.
So, this year we have a different Thanksgiving to celebrate.  One with new traditions and new locations.

Same food, same family, same great time!! mom and dad will not be with us this year.  This year will feel different.  I will miss them DESPERATELY.

But I am the mom now too, and my kids are making their life long memories RIGHT now.  I know they will forget some of the particular moments but they will always remember being loved and connected.

They will always want the olive tree at Thanksgiving!

They will always remember Grammy and Poppy in the kitchen making the house smell great!!

They will always remember singing to Mama on Thanksgiving because she hates to see a crowd of people go to waste when there is a perfectly good birthday to celebrate.

So, I have like 17 things to cross off my

But I had to take the time to say Happy Thanksgiving. I will be unable to post over the next couple of days.

We have no Internet at P-pops house and I know I will have NO time.  So don't forget about me...come back soon.
And Have A BLESSED Thanksgiving!!


  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! and Happy Birthday!

  2. What a nice tribute. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday!

  3. Have an amazing Thanksgiving (and birthday!) Your family is just so adorable. Everyone always looks so happy and loving. :) I just want to come visit and be a part. I hope you enjoy your trip and have a wonderful holiday celebration in a new and unique way.

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your adorable family Lisa!!
    Cute pictures from last year. It is so obvious that there is a lot of love in your family.
    Blessings to you all.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and birthday!!

  6. I LOVE your mom's apron-- I thought it was her dress at first! It's so feminine and graceful. Plus the cardigan and pearls make it perfectly Southern!

  7. I can't wait to see you and that "darling" family of yours!!!!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving and birthday!! My sons also have birthdays this time of year! My big turns 7 on Black Friday!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving and Birthday!! This is the first Thanksgiving in my 31 years that I won't be with my mom. I have to share her with my brother since I'm not an only child and he won't be traveling "home" this year. I have to admit that I've been struggling greatly with this since my dad and sister have both passed so it's just the 3 of us left but I *love* what you said about "I'm the mom now too" - how true is that?! Those words really resonated with me and I have a new perspective! So, thanks!! I wish you safe travels and hope you make some awesome memories :)

  10. I think Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the husband is one of seven, and we all host a different holiday. Thanksgiving is ours! So we always have forty close members of the family over and eat ALL day long! So fun. ALso, I think your Mom is the cutest thing ever and I know you will miss her.,,,but I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If it makes you feel better, my sister in law is traveling to my house for Thanksgiving with her SIX children under the age of 8! It is going to be a busy and fun holiday this year

  11. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family Lisa! Try not to miss your Mom too much. And your right, you "are the Mom now too." I tell myself that all the time! See you (or read you) when you get back :))

  12. Happy Thanksgiving ! I'm so glad I stopped by. I'm enjoying all the pictures and am your newest follower !

  13. I could never forget about you, because you are one of my new favorite blogging buddies!! :) Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving to you sweet girl! See you when you return!

  14. Have a blessed internet-less time with the family...and then hurry back, because our lives out here are more cheerful with your blog posts in them!!