Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Red Car In The Driveway

There is a cool red fancy car in our driveway.  That only means one thing...

 GRANDMA IS HERE!!  Not for long though...
She is taking the older girls to her house for the week and then the rest of us are meeting up next weekend.

 So this week I am knee deep in toddler land.  No big kids to fill in the mama gaps.  No big girls to help put laundry away.  I am so excited for them.
 They do so much around here with the little kids and they really enjoy them.  But they are looking forward to girl time with Grandma. 
 I know this week will be really different for me.  No school to worry about, plan for,  or execute.  I have no lessons to get to and no real schedule to keep.  It is like starting being a mom all over again.  The one thing I know ...
My nights will be more free to knit my little heart out.  No older girls means no night time staying up late finishing a movie.  Just a set bedtime that I LIVE BY!!

Hopefully a little more time for blogging.  Things have been a bit touch and go here with this computer that I brought back from the dead.  My days with her are coming to an end.  The last thing I want to spend my money on right now is a computer.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Each time I turn on the computer I thank GOD it works..this time!!

So for now..we have a busy Sunday.  Getting ready to wave goodbye to my girls takes some preparation...and this little guy becomes the older kid in the wave of a hand and turn of a car!!!

p.s the 2 blue hats you see are the hats that I started and finshed with Jack in mind.  I was not following a pattern and I have now successful knit 2 hats for Jack and neither of them fit him. 

p.s.s I think I learned a few things during this hat misadventure.  #1 FOLLOW A PATTERN #2 NEW KNITTERS NEED TO FOLLOW A PATTERN #3 I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED A PATTERN.

Next up..
A blue hat made for a mom who followed a pattern!!


  1. The hats turned out great Lisa (even though they were for Jack... they look adorable on the girls)!! You did them soooo fast... that's amazing!

  2. They are very cute hats nevertheless. :) Enjoy your free(r) week! Have fun with more knitting.

  3. They may not have fit, but they still look great! Did you use round needles or straight?

  4. Lisa, we should get together for sure with the little ones!!

  5. Enjoy your minus-a-few-kids coming week. Aren't Grandma's the best? I love it when we visit our families, and I can sort of just say...

    "here ya go"

    The hats are cute, and fingers crossed on that computer of yours.

  6. Love the hats! If you want a very basic hat pattern that fits anyone, I recommend Stephanie McPhee's Knitting Rules. It has a basic hat, sock,etc patterns.

  7. Love the beautiful blue caps! I have a red and white chair so very similar to that at my little house!