Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ginny's Yarn Along

 I am so excited that Ginny decided to start this thread (more fun yarn references to come).  I am looking forward to nap time when I can poor through her comments and visit each of you and become totally inspired by what you create and read.
 My current knitting projects include these 2 hats.  Last night at my class I was taught how to decrease to close these little beauties. Still working on that.  I was a little bit confused with the whole 4 needle business.  God bless good teachers.  I am learning that patience is key when learning a skill like knitting.
My problem is, I want to know it ALL RIGHT NOW.  I do not want to wait and learn..I just want to do it ALL!!  But alas, people must eat, be schooled and be clothed.  The scarf above will be my least expensive project to date (1 month into becoming a world class knitter..thanks to being inspired by Ginny and her pals). I got the yarn for $3 at the little yarn shop I go to and I already had the needles.  Boy is knitting a pricey pass time....Who knew?

 As for books...right now I am reading very little, with the exception of knitting blogs and tutorials.  I just ordered a knitting mystery from Amazon that my mom said was a cute fun story.  I like reading all sorts of stuff..but right now I am wanting to focus my attention on the basics of knitting.  I hope to bring you something more "flashy" next time we do this.  But for right now..
I do spend more time than I would like looking through Spiderman stickers sorting out the good, the bad and the ugly ...anything to be close to this little guy...

Ginny from Small Things started this meme to have people share their knitting projects and what they are reading.  I am honored to show you and more excited to learn from all the players..
Thanks Ginny


  1. You're a natural knitter Lisa! Your stitches are so nice and even and neat. Thanks for playing!

  2. You're on circs! That's wonderful! The dpn's will feel natural soon too. It looks great!

  3. Those are just beautiful! And Amelia Bedelia...that brings back memories!

  4. Hey Lisa, my ravelry name is joy8. Here's a link to my projects:
    See you there!

  5. Your pictures are so nice! Love that green and pink...

  6. Very pretty. I love the colors in the first two pictures.

  7. Ginny's yarn along idea is such fun, isn't it! I am finding wonderful blogs I never knew were out there. :)

  8. Okay i need lessons. I want to make a really cute hat ASAP!!! You have totally inspired me!!

  9. You have a great blog! I have been knitting for years, but nothing too tricky...I am trying to stretch beyond that...I just got a book for knitting two socks at a time...from the toe up....eek...I am sure I will blog about my "experience". :)
    How do you get such big photos on your blog? When I try making mine larger, part of the photo is cut off in the final blog posting.
    Have a great week!
    Oh...and about your blog about your mother...don't worry...we all turn into our mothers in the end!!! ;)

  10. Okay, I'm loving Ginny's links because as soon as your page loaded I saw that fabulous olive tree and couldn't stand it, how great is olive tree! "Hello, my name is Kathryn and I'm an olive addict!"
    Okay, back to knitting and reading! I just learned how to do the dpn's myself and I was really nervous but now find that I really like them even if it did take me a while to get comfortable with them!
    Your yarn colors are beautiful! Thanks for visiting my yarn along post!

  11. Oh girl I love your scarf!
    I'm into chunky yarn with earthy colors!
    (I also love green)
    Four knitin!

    I want to learn how to make some socks!

    Thanks for stoppin by my blog~

    Cheers to knitting~

    Peace, Love and Joy,

  12. I'm so happy for you and your new found knitting! I started knitting 3 years ago, and it has turned into one of my favorite past-times (a bubble bath with a good magazine comes in a close second.) But, somethings extra special with knitting because your yarn eventually turns into something! It's wonderful. :) Wait until you discover felting, it will change your life! I've got some wonderful knitting patterns that you felt!

  13. I really like your projects! I love knitting so much!

  14. LOVE the color of the yarn in the first picture. Your hats look great!

  15. I'm new to knitting too! I'm doing hats for the whole family...with every hat I find it's getting problem is that I'm a super tight knitter, so finishing is literally a "pain"!
    xo maureen

  16. Love that BLUE, super vibrant! A Turkey for Thanksgiving is our all time favorite T-giving picture book, so cute :)

  17. I am a very impatient knitter as well. I want it done yesterday. I love doing it but love LOVE that feeling of finishing a project! Love those yarns you were using too!