Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moving Right Along

Moving is SO much on my mind lately.  This is actually an understatement because for 4 years moving has been on my mind. When the Coast Guard sent us here almost 4 years ago we never thought we would stay this long. 

 Each time we move we think.."I wonder where we are going next?"  It is so hard to feel a part of something when you know you are going to be leaving it behind.  This is always in the back of my mind.  But, right now, emotions aside...
I am kinda freakin' out about where we are going to what 4 walls are we going to live inside of?  Not exactly the state..but the HOME!! 
 Is there going to be other homeschooler's around us?  Are we going to find a good church?  Are we going to move next to a family with loud barking dogs???  And when can I get my new couch??? 
Each season that passes I think to myself, "This time next year we could be living ....."..and the sentence ends there because we have NO IDEA where we could be living!!
Actually..that is not 100% true. We have a 75% chance going to the DC area.  And that is just a bit over whelming for me...

There are like 3 states to choose from.  I am not good with SO MANY CHOICES!!!
Help me!!  Not really..not yet!!  I will be screaming for help over the next few months.  Because right now, we know NOTHING and it is really hard to plan, or panic about...

 So for right now I am soaking up all I can of where I live.  I am lovin' on my homeschool pals and counting my Alabama blessings.  I am aware that right now my story is being written in Alabama and one day this chapter will end .  And then one day, in the near future I will start retelling family memories starting with "When we lived in Alabama."


  1. We were in the same boat for all of last year - we knew the Army was moving us, but where? Eventually we heard it was going to be El Paso, TX, Ft. Hood, TX, or a post in the south east. The dread of El Paso hung over us for three months until we finally found out where we were going (the south east). What a relief to finally be able to start planning and house hunting! We're loving our new posting - I hope the same happens for you.

  2. Write us into your hang out time!! We really miss you guys, Stephen keeps asking about Jack and Lucy! We're going out of town again this weekend, but we should get together next week for sure!!

  3. Ahh, it's that time for you, uh? I have found that it is always harder wondering where we were going next. What are the 3 states? He flies 65's right? Good luck with it all....when will you find out? We have been here for 5 years! WOW! We will be here for another 3....and then RETIRE. Yes it has been that long.....I will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.


  4. As a pastor's family we've moved many times as well - I think Scout has lived in 6 different houses in his 12 years - so we have to make each one 'home' pretty quickly...

    ....Best wishes with your move...Peace be with you...

  5. Lisa,
    I can't imagine what you must go through knowing you have to move every few years. It's hard when it's just you but when you have kids too, that adds an entire new element.
    Home truly is where your family is though.
    Thinking of you. Wishing you no worry.

  6. I too am facing the possibility of a move. We have moved 5 times in ten years but have been in our current city for 4 years. Its more complicated now with 3 kids. I thrive on change but they don't. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lisa,
    The not knowing must be hard. I know it would be for me too. But wherever you go, as long as that beautiful family is there with you it'll all be fine. The best thing is that God is everywhere! And you can knit in any state :)HA HA!!!!!

  8. Hi Lisa! Wow! So nice to "meet" you!! I'm popping over from the Yarn Along, and had to laugh at all we have in common. I am a new knitter (who wants it all now too), a homeschooling Mom, currently reading Five Little Monkeys (LOL), and we have a move coming up in the next 8 months with no idea as to where it will be!! Isn't the waiting rotten?! I look forward to reading more.

  9. We lived an hour outside the DC area for 12 years and we loved it. If I didn't miss my Texas family so very much we would have remained there. DC is so full of rich opportunities, if you do go there take full advantage. There is no end to things to do, the Kennedy Center has a free stage, there are museums, and so many cultural festivals you'll never be able to do it all. I lived in the Shenandoah Valley, and let me tell you that is God's country. Just full of orchards, vinyards, and farmers markets.

  10. So exciting! Can't wait to see where you all end up!!

  11. Stop talking about moving, okay? You are completely bumming me out. I'll be left here with no bloggy buddies that I can actually see in person and will miss you all like crazy.

  12. Living in the unknown is so hard. Believe me, I get that! Maybe you should hope/pray for the Pacific Northwest! I'd love that!!! :)

    Hang in there girly. My mama always reminds me that he journey is the destination. (I hate hearing that when I just want to know the outcome, but she's mostly right.)


  13. I live outside DC in Virginia and there is so much to do here, oh my goodness I have been here almost 6 years and we haven't even scratched the surface. There are homeschoolers galore here!

  14. I made my husband switch jobs after we were married because I couldn't stand the uncertainty of moving all the time! I can totally relate to your anxiety.

  15. That would be really hard....I don't think I do well with the unknown, because I am such a planner! I am praying for you guys!

  16. I can't give much advice because we are planted here.....however, I grew up as a Dr.s daughter in the army and we moved all over the world! I think it was the best experience I will ever have in my life and made me who I am today. So whenever you angst about how hard it might be on your children....remember that. I often wish my girls would be able to experience that life (even though I didn't appreciate it as a child) And my sister live is DC and there is a huge homeschool group.