Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspiring and Depressing

Pete told me something this morning that both inspired me and depressed me at the same time.

He told me it takes 10,000 hours of practice to really be good at something.  I totally believed him but I was reaffirmed when I heard Dave Ramsey saying the same thing on his podcast.  Really??  10,000 hours?
Looks like Pete and Dave both like Malcolm Gladwell. The guy who presented this theory.
I was inspired because I thought to myself, "Maybe I have a shot at getting good at this whole knitting thing"
Because right now I am looking at needing about 9, 975 more hours. And let me tell you ...I NEED THE PRACTICE!!
I was depressed because I thought, "Are you telling me I have to work that hard for that long in order to make something that fits the way it is supposed to?"


  1. Even after you've been knitting a long time, you'll still make things that fit weird. Following patterns in the beginning helps though. ;) That and understanding that the sizes of people's heads varies wildly!

  2. I think knitting won't take that long...good luck!

  3. You will be wonderful. Think of the 10,000 hours as leading you to the point you can knit without looking, without a pattern, and be able to teach a room full of 60 something year old women.

    Within those 10,000 hours will be beautiful hats, skirts for a little girl, a felted purse for a friend, a baby's first cuddly teddy bear, a scarf made from alpaca just for you, a pair of reading mitts....