Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am So Close To Being Back

We had the best visit EVER.  I loved each moment that we got to be with our family.  It goes by so quickly and it takes forever for it to come around again.

Now, if I had to rate my performance on the trip I would give me a C- for picture taking.  I just FORGOT my camera in most situations.  I was just loving the people around me and not remembering to photograph each moment as I would have liked.

 I am glad I got the pictures that I got...but still, there are moments I would have loved to have captured.
These moments are so precious and so fleeting.  I look at pictures from last year and can not believe those are the same children I have before me today.

Another area I may have failed in was NUTRITION.  I am not sure what my kids ate all week.  I would find Priscilla...or whoever with cups filled with colorful items.  I would just pretend I did not see it.  It was better that way. 

The last day we were in Florida Pete's Aunt says to me, "Lisa, you seem to be pretty disciplined with the kids in most areas, not eating sugar though, huh?"

BUSTED!!!  But in my defense, just in case any of my young mama cousins are reading this looking for some GREAT parenting tips, there are some things that are not worth the fight.  Saying NO to sugar when each grandparent, uncle and aunt are handing it out by the CUP, is just FOOLISH to me.  So I went with it and now we are home eating what we normally do....boring!!

Now, another area I think I did pretty good in was making the ABOSOLUTE most out of THANKSGIVING day.  We started bright and early with breakfast at my Uncle's house.
If you get any tips from this blog..let it be this one...

Invite yourself to someones house Thanksgiving morning and ask them to make you breakfast...oh, and ask if you can invite the rest of your family.

In other pressing news I was a little dissapointed with myself for the outfit I wore on Thanksgiving day.
I went a little to casual. I could not help was like 100 degrees in Florida and I knew I had to chase little people all day.  But to my family members who saw me that day..I really wanted to wear something cute and sassy...but I would have DIED!!!

An area I struggle with when we are all living out of a suitcase for 7 kids clothes.  You would think with everything in one space management would be a bit easier.  But somehow we LOOSE everything and nothing can be found.  Don't even get me started on my girls hair.

The only thing I know I did a good job at was having a great time!!

I have like 500 more pictures I want to go over with you in great detail, but I have a bed with my name on it.


  1. Glad you're back! That's a great picture of all your kids together by the way!

  2. What a wonderful time you must have had! The lost clothing, the bad hair and overload on sugar are the makings of fantastic memories for your family! Continued Blessings.

  3. Girl, I gotta tell you... I got all excited when I realized that you had changed your header... thus meaning you were back!!! :)

  4. So glad I got to see you, Pete, and all of the kids even if it was only for a brief visit. Your children are AMAZING!!!!!!Spending time with you is always good for my heart and soul. Love you so much! Happy Birthday! I hope you have one heck of a birthday month!

  5. So your cousin is either out of the Navy or on leave. Which is it? I'm shocked to see him with facial hair! He didn't strike me as the type to EVER go without being perfectly groomed. Such a cute boy.