Monday, November 8, 2010

Have You Ever....

Taken 96 pictures that are super cute and EVERY one is completely OVER EXPOSED?? Like face glowing, can't be fixed with black and white over exposed?  Where was my brain during this photo session??  Thank goodness these clients are easy to please.

Have you ever done a whole bunch of chores, folded lots of laundry, prepped for school, worked out, cooked dinner, and then sat back and said..."That's it..I am all finished.  My work is done here?"
No matter what we get done..there is always more to do.

Have you ever gone to a piano recital and had to hold back silly laughter because one of the brilliant piano players is REALLY getting into his music?  Like head swaying arms flying piano playing.  I am sure none of you suffer from silly outbursts of laughter at complete inappropriate either!!

Have you ever forgot it was day light savings and got up at 5:00 to go to the gym..just to find out it is really only 4:00.  But it does not matter at all because your kids will not care AT all that the government told you it was 6:00 and not 7:00!! Not a fan of the clocks changing..haven't been for 9 years now.

Have you ever yelled at your child for doing something, and while you are giving your grand realize that YOU NEED TO HEAR IT MORE THAN SHE DOES???

 I am sorry about the super BRIGHT faces..just a few more to go..I promise.
And finally....
Have you ever knit a hat for your little boy..because he was so cute about you knitting and when you were finished...

It did not fit his head?

 My hat for Jack is so soft, so blue and so not Jack's.  Lucy snatched it right up when she saw it fit her perfectly.
...So I will start over for Jack.  All I have to say is dark blue is hard to see.  I have to knit in a really bright room or fatal mistakes take place. 

Please come back and read again..I promise to NOT have OVER Exposed facial pictures...


  1. yes, yes, and yes. I made a hat for my boy who was so excited about it and it was too small for him too! Seriously! We had to give it to a toddler boy at church. (I followed the gauge and his head was the size they said it was supposed to be and everything!) I was instructed by my son to start another right away. Yesterday, as I was working on a scarf to match the bigger hat, my son flung himself on the couch and said, "I don't have ANY sweaters. (sigh)" He's absolutely right! I better get knitting!

  2. oh yes...all of the time! Good luck with the knitting...that is one project I have not learned yet, but it is on my list! I just have to sew, sew, sew around here this week!

  3. Well, the blue hat is gorgeous with her eyes! +JMJ+

  4. when am I getting my knitting lesson? i need to know where you took these classes. gimme a call so we can plan a photoshoot this week, my house! i wrote a funny post today about paying back the kids for all the nonsense they put you through...mostly not serious!
    ps: let's make something from the OLG cookbook

  5. I loved the pictures - and the hat is beautiful!

  6. I love all the pictures. Your girls are beautiful! I had a similar hat problem, only mine turned out too big. Oh Well!

  7. i like the over-exposed facial pictures, the smiles were very contagious!!

    And nope I've never knit a hat that didn't fit, but my MIL did and I was the lucky recipient whose head was the perfect size. Gotta love those kind of mistakes.

  8. I think a lot of those pictures are REALLY cute!
    Your oldest daughters look so much like you, and a lot alike despite their difference in hair color. They are beautiful. And that picture of the blue hat you knit and your daughter's blue eyes... STUNNING. Nice work.

    I'll be back. Over exposed photos or not. :)