Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ginny's Yarn Along

Ginny from Small Things started this meme to have people share their knitting projects and what they are reading. So here we go...

 Hi Everyone!  I was going to say Hi Fellow Knitters..but then I felt wierd putting myself in the official knitting I'll just say Hi!!

This is my completed Cowl. I fell in love with this cowl at the yarn store.  So fuzzy and classic looking. So I decided to give it a go.  The ladies told me it was a beginner pattern.  They were right.  The pattern was very easy..but this beginner needs more beginning.

It did not take me very long to complete the project, but it did not turn out as a cowl..more like a collar.  It was teeney tiny compared to the example at the store.  I don't want a collar..I want a COWL!!!
So don't peak mom..but this cute, warm , fuzzy collar is coming your way.  I want to give it another go.  My friend Lori at the yarn store told me to rip it out and start over.
It is warm and beautiful..just not what I set out to make.

 This is the beginning of my afghan square.  Very pretty and very simple.  I had a great time Saturday night working on this new adventure.  I am learning how to read a chart and follow varied directions.  Lots going on for me, but I think it will be GREAT practice and eventually in like 12 years I will have a blanket.
 I can only work on this when it is dead silent and I am not tired.  And those 2 conditions NEVER this will be slow going !
 This is what it "should" look like when I am done.  I do have hope!!
 And as of yesterday I have started MY cable scarf.  I love this yarn and can imagine many do-overs.  I will make this scarf many times for many people.  It is not that hard.  I just have to focus and mark down where I am at.  But I love it!!
 It may take awhile to finish..but I am motivated to get it done soon!
 And here's what coming hat for Jack TAKE 3, a pink something for someone, another go at that cowl and another ribbed hat for someone!! Plus I want to finish my cable washcloth and keep working on my square.
And reading right now is basically about knitting.  I am loving the knitting magazines and books that my yarn store lends out.  I love to get an idea of what 2 needles and some yarn can create.  I am going to our families for Thanksgiving and I want to have lots to take with me..because as you can imagine taking our family anywhere is VERY RELAXING and I have PLENTY of time to lounge around and knit....

...oh wait that would be in a few more years.  But for now I am taking what I can and squeezing in whatever moments I can!!

Thanks for reading and if anyone has any good knitting idea books to pass along I would love that. I am wanting to buy a few books of my own.


  1. the cowl is gorgeous !!! it looks soft & has so much texture ! great job !!

  2. The cowl is very pretty, my first turned out to be more of a collar too!
    All your knits look great!

  3. The cowl is beautiful! The yarn looks so soft and cozy. You are a knitter! :)

  4. The cowl (collar) really is pretty! +JMJ+

  5. I love your knitting!
    That afghan pattern is delicious....

  6. I'm the same way! I learn a bit more every time I knit something. I think it is the only way to really become good. I still consider myself a beginner. I use my reader's digest complete guide to needlework to look up stitches I don't know.

  7. Wow! all of your knitting looks gorgeous!

  8. Wonferful!! So many great projects going and I love how the cowl/collar turned out, your mom will be so pleased :)

  9. goreous knitting. i especially like the cable scarf.

  10. The cowl is stunning & I love the cable scarf!

  11. Beautiful cowl. Love the colours and your enthusiasm for knitting.

  12. Bravo! I'm continually inspired by your knitting projects ~ and the rate at which you complete them. Whew! I only just (4 days ago) bought the circular needles and yarn to begin the cowl project. I'm certain you'll have that blanket finished well before I finish the cowl. ;>)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. ~ Conny

  13. Lisa, that neck gaiter (that's what we call 'em up here) looks really great! I love the colors. But all your groovy projects do make me wonder (with fingers crossed) if you are heading to a cooler, or even much COLDER, climate soon? Hmmm? :)

  14. The cowl/collar is beautiful! I love the contrast in color.

  15. I think the cowl/collar looks beautiful! So snug and cosy. The cable scarf is stunning! The colour is so rich.

  16. At first I was like...hmmm what's a cowl? Then figured it was a collar, and a beautiful one at that. (Can you tell I'm not much of a knitter?)

    Looking forward to seeing your next projects.

  17. so jealous! Wish I could knit! Beautiful!

  18. Hello for the first time,
    I Loved reading your blog and I would love to be involved in this weekly theme, but just can't see it happening at the moment.
    I love your blog title, we are that growing house too. We are expecting our 12 baby in May.
    Look forward to visitng often.

  19. You have so many projects going on and you are making such fast progress! I am visiting with family right now and haven't managed to knit a single stitch!