Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ginny's Yarn Along- The Grateful Files

Ginny from Small Things started this meme to have people share their knitting projects and what they are reading.  So here we go...

I am proud to present to you....

Another hat...made by ME!!  I am not sure I can handle this sort of excitement.

I am waiting to start this yarn.  I am making a cowl(?) .  A beginner pattern don't be to impressed.  I just loved the fuzzy softness..and I am a black, gray and white gal.

Last night at my knitting class I started to learn to cable.  I am thinking this will be a very cute little washcloth.  Because I am dying to knit this really cozy looking cable scarf with this really great yarn that my camera did not want to focus on when I was taking these pictures this morning.

But for now.. I will practice on my little washcloth.

 Trying not to get to tied up in the awkward feeling of using the cable needles.  Very fun!!

And for what I am reading?  Well last night my knitting teacher told me about a project her shop does.  One Saturday every month some women get together to knit a square for their Great American Afghan.
Well..I was SOLD!!  I  want a GREAT AMERICAN AFGHAN!!  I want to come on Saturday.!!
She told me it was a great way to learn all sorts of knitting techniques.  And I need knitting techniques!!
So today through Saturday I will be reading this instruction book trying to pick out an easy square to start on.

And grateful part!!
If you would please excuse me..I have to say something to this guy above...
Thank you so much for making this knitting adventure my new reality.  I am so grateful that you joyfully want me to go to my classes every Tuesday night.  You spend the night enjoying  the kids and they just eat you up. I come home and all is peaceful, laundry done, kids tucked in, house picked up!!  You are heaven!! I feel such gratitude to you for letting me do this.  For giving me time: time for the classes, time for the practice, and time to fix my mistakes while you are grilling our dinner and playing with all the kids in the neighborhood!!
Thank you !!  Thank You !!  THANK YOU!!
I love you ..and I will make you something you want to wear one day.  Socks are not in my near future...but I will get there.  Especially because you help me so much!!

Thanks to all the people who comment and give great tips and encouragement...
Just feeling so THANKFUL today!!


  1. Such a happy post! The hat is beautiful. And a husband who supports knitting is a rare and wonderful blessing.

  2. Wow, you're doing cables already! That's wonderful! You'll be making sweaters before you know it! Pete's a great guy to be so supportive of your endeavors. :)

  3. I love your pictures and I love your whole post! I too have a wonderful hubby that I am sooo thankful for! Have a great week!

  4. All your projects look GREAT! So glad you're enjoying it. Nothing better than a supportive husband.

  5. Lisa you are a knitting maniac! You are progressing so quickly. Love the green on your washcloth.

  6. Okay, I really am loving your blog...but if you get extra clicks some days its because of that olive tree that pops on my screen...I'm telling you its awesome!
    Now on to the Yarn Along comment:
    Your hat looks fantastic and I wish I could take a class because cables are still beyond my reach and I've been knitting a while! The note to your hubby is so very sweet! Good luck on your Saturday morning adventures in knitting!

  7. Adorable hat! The Great American Afghan class is fantastic. I wish I could take it at the shop I frequent, but it is just too time-consuming for this mama. Maybe one day, though =)

  8. I really want to make a cowl too, maybe if I start now at the end of our winter it'll be ready for next winter!
    The granny shrug pattern is so easy! really just a six sided granny square.

  9. Is that the hat you want to put buttons on? I love it! And I have a penchant for decorative buttons. I could sew a ton of useless buttons onto a project . . . but when it comes time for sewing buttons that are actually needed for an item of clothing to function -- well, that doesn't interest me so much! (Just ask my husband, who has a stack of shirts waiting for me to mend!)

  10. You have a really beautiful blog! It makes me want to read more and check out your archives.

  11. I love the hat, scrumptious colors and your cables look splendid!

  12. Hi Lisa :)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment on my yarn :) I love your hat, the color is so pretty and your cable knitting looks fantastic!! I can't wait to see what you share next week and hear more about your great american afghan :)

  13. I just started knitting... I'm a one-trick pony right now (I can do the basic stitch, and that's all)... but I'm so inspired by what you've already accomplished!!!