Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am So Close To Being Back

We had the best visit EVER.  I loved each moment that we got to be with our family.  It goes by so quickly and it takes forever for it to come around again.

Now, if I had to rate my performance on the trip I would give me a C- for picture taking.  I just FORGOT my camera in most situations.  I was just loving the people around me and not remembering to photograph each moment as I would have liked.

 I am glad I got the pictures that I got...but still, there are moments I would have loved to have captured.
These moments are so precious and so fleeting.  I look at pictures from last year and can not believe those are the same children I have before me today.

Another area I may have failed in was NUTRITION.  I am not sure what my kids ate all week.  I would find Priscilla...or whoever with cups filled with colorful items.  I would just pretend I did not see it.  It was better that way. 

The last day we were in Florida Pete's Aunt says to me, "Lisa, you seem to be pretty disciplined with the kids in most areas, not eating sugar though, huh?"

BUSTED!!!  But in my defense, just in case any of my young mama cousins are reading this looking for some GREAT parenting tips, there are some things that are not worth the fight.  Saying NO to sugar when each grandparent, uncle and aunt are handing it out by the CUP, is just FOOLISH to me.  So I went with it and now we are home eating what we normally do....boring!!

Now, another area I think I did pretty good in was making the ABOSOLUTE most out of THANKSGIVING day.  We started bright and early with breakfast at my Uncle's house.
If you get any tips from this blog..let it be this one...

Invite yourself to someones house Thanksgiving morning and ask them to make you breakfast...oh, and ask if you can invite the rest of your family.

In other pressing news I was a little dissapointed with myself for the outfit I wore on Thanksgiving day.
I went a little to casual. I could not help was like 100 degrees in Florida and I knew I had to chase little people all day.  But to my family members who saw me that day..I really wanted to wear something cute and sassy...but I would have DIED!!!

An area I struggle with when we are all living out of a suitcase for 7 kids clothes.  You would think with everything in one space management would be a bit easier.  But somehow we LOOSE everything and nothing can be found.  Don't even get me started on my girls hair.

The only thing I know I did a good job at was having a great time!!

I have like 500 more pictures I want to go over with you in great detail, but I have a bed with my name on it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Temporary Farewell

I am finally at this day.  We are finally getting ready to pack to go to Florida for Thanksgiving.  I have waited a whole year for this day!!
 I am a HUGE fan of Thanksgiving.  I am sure it has something to do with all the family getting together.  Having a special day which is always filled with such anticipation for an even bigger gathering just weeks away.
I have always loved Thanksgiving for all those reasons.  But there is another reason I love Thanksgiving...

MY BIRTHDAY is right around the corner.  And I am REALLY a HUGE fan of MY BIRTHDAY!!!
I know as I get older I may feel different..but I don't think so. I love celebrating the year that past and the year that lies ahead.  And really , I love any celebration that deals with...

I realize that is not the most humble of statements...but that's the way I am !!!
Last Thanksgiving  (which is where ALL these pictures come from) was such a special time.
It was the last Thanksgiving that we spent in my parents house...the house I grew up in. 

My parents had to move last spring for my dad's job, so there will be NO more Thanksgivings at my old house.
We kind of knew that might be the case, so last year I remember taking each moment and soaking it all in.

I am glad I did ..because I will miss it for the rest of my life. 

 There is such sadness when something comes to an end in your life, but with that sadness comes a whole new appreciation for the memories that were made.  I loved each holiday in that house.  But what I really love is the family that we were there with . And there are great memories ahead.
So, this year we have a different Thanksgiving to celebrate.  One with new traditions and new locations.

Same food, same family, same great time!! mom and dad will not be with us this year.  This year will feel different.  I will miss them DESPERATELY.

But I am the mom now too, and my kids are making their life long memories RIGHT now.  I know they will forget some of the particular moments but they will always remember being loved and connected.

They will always want the olive tree at Thanksgiving!

They will always remember Grammy and Poppy in the kitchen making the house smell great!!

They will always remember singing to Mama on Thanksgiving because she hates to see a crowd of people go to waste when there is a perfectly good birthday to celebrate.

So, I have like 17 things to cross off my

But I had to take the time to say Happy Thanksgiving. I will be unable to post over the next couple of days.

We have no Internet at P-pops house and I know I will have NO time.  So don't forget about me...come back soon.
And Have A BLESSED Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ginny's Yarn Along

Ginny from Small Things started this meme to have people share their knitting projects and what they are reading. So here we go...

 Hi Everyone!  I was going to say Hi Fellow Knitters..but then I felt wierd putting myself in the official knitting I'll just say Hi!!

This is my completed Cowl. I fell in love with this cowl at the yarn store.  So fuzzy and classic looking. So I decided to give it a go.  The ladies told me it was a beginner pattern.  They were right.  The pattern was very easy..but this beginner needs more beginning.

It did not take me very long to complete the project, but it did not turn out as a cowl..more like a collar.  It was teeney tiny compared to the example at the store.  I don't want a collar..I want a COWL!!!
So don't peak mom..but this cute, warm , fuzzy collar is coming your way.  I want to give it another go.  My friend Lori at the yarn store told me to rip it out and start over.
It is warm and beautiful..just not what I set out to make.

 This is the beginning of my afghan square.  Very pretty and very simple.  I had a great time Saturday night working on this new adventure.  I am learning how to read a chart and follow varied directions.  Lots going on for me, but I think it will be GREAT practice and eventually in like 12 years I will have a blanket.
 I can only work on this when it is dead silent and I am not tired.  And those 2 conditions NEVER this will be slow going !
 This is what it "should" look like when I am done.  I do have hope!!
 And as of yesterday I have started MY cable scarf.  I love this yarn and can imagine many do-overs.  I will make this scarf many times for many people.  It is not that hard.  I just have to focus and mark down where I am at.  But I love it!!
 It may take awhile to finish..but I am motivated to get it done soon!
 And here's what coming hat for Jack TAKE 3, a pink something for someone, another go at that cowl and another ribbed hat for someone!! Plus I want to finish my cable washcloth and keep working on my square.
And reading right now is basically about knitting.  I am loving the knitting magazines and books that my yarn store lends out.  I love to get an idea of what 2 needles and some yarn can create.  I am going to our families for Thanksgiving and I want to have lots to take with me..because as you can imagine taking our family anywhere is VERY RELAXING and I have PLENTY of time to lounge around and knit....

...oh wait that would be in a few more years.  But for now I am taking what I can and squeezing in whatever moments I can!!

Thanks for reading and if anyone has any good knitting idea books to pass along I would love that. I am wanting to buy a few books of my own.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspiring and Depressing

Pete told me something this morning that both inspired me and depressed me at the same time.

He told me it takes 10,000 hours of practice to really be good at something.  I totally believed him but I was reaffirmed when I heard Dave Ramsey saying the same thing on his podcast.  Really??  10,000 hours?
Looks like Pete and Dave both like Malcolm Gladwell. The guy who presented this theory.
I was inspired because I thought to myself, "Maybe I have a shot at getting good at this whole knitting thing"
Because right now I am looking at needing about 9, 975 more hours. And let me tell you ...I NEED THE PRACTICE!!
I was depressed because I thought, "Are you telling me I have to work that hard for that long in order to make something that fits the way it is supposed to?"

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Question Goes Unanswered..For Now!!

People ask Pete and I all the time, "Did you guys come from a large family?"  Our answer is always.."No.  We wish we did."  Both of us have parents who are 1 of 4 and we grew up watching them have each other.  Pete and I each have 1 brother.  We love them dearly but we saw how cool it was to belong to a larger group. 

When we first got married Pete was open to having 2 kids. That was pretty much a given.  I thought I could sweet talk him into 3 and just hoped for 4.  I have always wanted a bigger family.  Sometimes the feeling was stronger than others, but in my heart I wanted to have more than less. 

After having Molly and moving to Alaska I thought I was DONE!!  We tossed all the baby stuff and found ourselves in a family of 4.  I thought that was all I could handle.  And then God came into my life in a big way.  I met some AMAZING Catholic women who really led me to understand the church's teachings on openness to life.

I started reading and reading and praying and praying.  And as you can imagine I decided I could no longer exist with just 2 children.  I loved GOD so much I wanted to have another child..for Him!!  To show my love for Him and His church I needed another baby.  Pete was not exactly in the same place of passion as I was.  But he was open to what the church had to say and he read along with me.  After one late night discussion I ended with, "Pete ..what if we were having the next Pope John Paul?  How can we say no to that?"  And that's all it took that night.  Oh the fun of whispering sweet nothings...

A couple of weeks later we got pregnant with #3.  We were pregnant for 20 weeks when I went into early labor and lost out 1st son.  That was hard, heart breaking and unthinkable.  But God is good and He blessed us again 1 month after our loss.  I got pregnant RIGHT away!!  And just as a side note..I was pregnant for about 60 weeks...mmmm!!

I was thrilled.  I had my baby #3 after being pregnant for 1.5 years..and then got pregnant again when Jack was 3 months old.  Still feeling like a soldier for Christ I was ready..maybe not then instant the stick turned pink..but I knew this was God's plan and I was up for the job...right?

Enter Lucy.  EXPLOSION!! LIFE!!!  ENERGY!!!  Me..pretty overwhelmed!  Still thinking I was up for this whole large family dream Pete and I remained pretty open to life. Right after Lucy was born there was not a lot of time or energy to be that open to life often, but we did maintain a  fairly open mindset.  When Lucy was almost 1 we got pregnant with Priscilla.  They are 18 months apart ,and that is plenty close for those 2. 

So, that leads me to today.  Right now.  Where are we?  People ask us all the time, "Do you guys want more kids?" or sometimes it's "How many kids do you want?" Up until recently I was unable to answer either of these questions. I could not have a cleat thought as to the future because I was trying to survive that moment..or that day, that was about all I could handle.

But the truth is I do want more kids. In my heart of hearts I want to be one of those moms who have 8, 9 or 10 kids and love every minute of it.  I want to be her.  Sometimes I think I can be her. 

Other times I am not sure what I think.  Sometimes these 5 are so hard for me to handle I can't imagine adding more shoes to the closet.  I also have to admit that it is really NOT my decision alone.  I am not the one with the magic number.  God is really in charge.  And that is hard for me, I have to admit.  I would like to think that I am TOTALLY ready to be open to life again. But then I have to consider, I mean WE have to consider all that is going on right now.  In a perfect world I would love to be pregnant RIGHT NOW!!!  But I have this little appointment with a moving van in 6-8 months.  I have to transition a family of 7 into a whole new life.  So the question remains, is this the right time  to be looking to add a new member to the family?

These are the things I think about A LOT.  I also wonder how other couples make these decisions.  Am I being selfish for wanting another baby?  Or am I being selfish if I don't have another baby right now? 

This may be a heavy topic for Monday morning..but this is on my heart in a big way.  I drive Pete CRAZY with my non-stop chatter about this topic (and many other ones).  I think I know where I need to be...but it is hard for me to stay there.

I need to be..In God's Will.  I need to not think in such small time frames.  I need to be content with where God has me RIGHT NOW..THIS MINUTE...THESE CHILDREN!!

So who knows what is in our future.  More children?  Forever a family of 7? 

And as a side note.  Here I FINALLY have a nice camera so I could take some GREAT new baby fun...and I becoming a knitter.  Can you imagine the baby stuff I cold knit???  My girls laugh and say I only want a new baby so I can blog about it.  Not exactly in my final decision making process..but I have thought about it!!

What I do know is there are 3 hungry toddlers waiting for breakfast and life keeps moving forward....