Monday, October 11, 2010

Way To Much Detail..Sorry!

I am not going to bore you with details of my little guys soccer experience.  I just have to share a few thoughts regarding soccer for 4 years old' general..and maybe a few other thoughts closely related. 
First thought...I never thought I would be a "soccer mom".  I am not someone who like to be hot while watching a game that I don't find much interest in. Granted I played soccer in High School..but that was purely for the bus ride.

I never encouraged the girls to play outdoor sports, but never discouraged just did not come up much.  Until this year when Jack turned 4 and he was able to join soccer.  I thought it would be fun for him, and no to painful for me, seeing as the practice was held 30 minutes prior to the game.  This is the type of commitment I am looking for this season of my life.  So we signed up and came to the first game ...

Jack basically stood in the middle of the field kinda..offended that the boys were running away from him when he wanted a shot at the ball.  And to make matters worse it was like 500 degrees and he was hungry.  I was getting a little annoyed.  Here I am, dying of heat stroke while running after Lucy and Priscilla, watching Jack rub his eyes on the field NOT MOVING!!  And why am I standing here going through this???  Jack comes to the sidelines and I tell him...
"Buddy, you better get moving on that field or we are OUT OF HERE!!"  Not because I want him to be some super star athlete , but if we are all going to be out there suffering for him to have a good time than I think it is right that he at least tries to have a good time.

I got the hairy eyeball from some parents.  I know what they were thinking.."Let the poor kid alone this is only 4 year old soccer...what do you expect?"  I expect decent behavior.  I expect him to participate because he asked to. I am sure I could have handled the situation better..but hey this is my first go around with this sort of thing. I am still finding where all this fits in.  But after leaving the game I decided that I had to show Jack what he should be doing on the field.  I know that is what he is supposed to learn from his coach and team mates..but ultimately I know how to speak Jack's language.

So during the week I played soccer with Jack .  I showed him that people were going to push on him and he should not be offended.  I showed him how to push back without offending.  I showed him that you just keep trying to get the ball once it leaves your cleat.  And after we worked on it for about 5 minutes I think he got it.  I kept it up throughout the week and kept talking to him about what to expect out on the field.  All this while wearing a skirt..that's just me!

We get to the game this weekend and I see that our time paid off (all 20 minutes).  He was a totally different kid out there.  He tried his best and actually had a good could see it in his face.  I was yelling and acting momish!!
Who would have thought the absolute thrill you can get from watching your boy kick a ball ?

And let me just say..I am sorry for giving you so much soccer detail.  I really am not a fan of these types of posts..
I was originally going to tell you how I really got some moms fired up at the soccer field this weekend  when I decided to NOT buy the team picture package.  I just could not bring myself to pay anyone for pictures of Jack in his soccer gear.  I have taken like 900 pictures myself. 

I did not think much of the whole..."not buying pictures" thing until a mom from the team heard that I was not buying pictures and she says in minor disgust
"I would much rather have a sports picture than a school picture."

And see,  I would rather just have my own pictures!!  To each his own!


  1. Oh the nerve of some other mothers.
    I would MUCH rather have my own pictures that I have taken myself too! Yours are no doubt 100% better than the packaged pictures anyway. Like you said, to each his own!

    I have not encouraged, nor discouraged any sports with my kids yet either. I figure soon enough we will be touting all over town from one practice to the next, might as well not rush it.

    Hope you're having a fabulous fall day my friend.

  2. We had a similar experience with our daughter's four year old soccer initiation - standing around, confused, etc..

    I realized it's because for her first four years of life we were telling her to "share". "take turns". etc etc and then suddenly we were yelling, loudly "GET THE BALL!" "TAKE IT AWAY!" "NO, DON"T LET HER GET IT!!", etc etc...

    needless to say the whole experience was a tad confusing for her!

  3. I never buy the "photo packages" either....they end up in a file in the land of misplaced papers! If I really want to have a "class photo" or something like that, I borrow a copy of one of my friend's pictures, throw it on the color copier/printer with some photo paper and it comes out so clear you can barely tell the original from the copy. Seriously! If I absolutely fell the urge to get the picture (now that the girls are older and going to dances), I always get the cheapest package. You can copy them to any size you would like ~ just my "tip for the day"

  4. I can just feel your frustration in this post, and let me just say that you are not alone!! I've totally been there. I agree that your pictures would be much better, and cheaper! Why do other Moms care anyway? I mean really!! To each his own. We all have our ways of doing things.

  5. Tag! Your it! Check out my blog! Have a great day!

  6. Hehe! I love the drama :) I would much rather have my own pics too...I mean, what are you going to do with 50 wallet size photos of him with a soccer ball? But I'm glad he seems to be enjoying it!

  7. How great is your blog? It's really fun...I came by for a visit and I'll be back again. Don't let those moms get you down...take it from a mom who has been there...your own pictures are the best!

  8. Oh I sooooo agree with this one!
    And I don't even take good pictures!
    If mine looked like yours...well forget it!:)

    Enjoy the night

  9. Thanks for finding and following my blog! I'm so glad you did because now I found yours! Gorgeous pictures and family!

  10. Your pictures are need for the "team shot" aka walmart posed package. Love the little details in your photos that only mom's look for, like the soccer cleats.

  11. This story cracks me up! I love how Jack got all into the game once he had some direction from his Mama!

  12. whoo, hoo - I can't wait to be a soccer mom!!! :) Hope Jack is having some fun - we can get him and Stephen out to Mississippi and kick around :)

  13. Our 7 year old is playing soccer for the first time- and he's the goalie. I can't stand the pressure! I can hardly stop myself from running onto the field when the ball gets near him

  14. Ha! The only time we ended up with the "official" sports photos was when I let Joe take Sarah for the team softball pictures. I have said "no" a hundred times to these over 10 years of kid sports, but I guess my husband couldn't stand the pressure of the other parents all signing up for packages of pictures. Men are funny.



    LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all the pics of the kids! Are these pics from your new camera? What kind of camera is it?

    "I expect decent behavior. I expect him to participate because he asked to." soooo nice to hear a mom say this. Why do parents think it's all right for the kids to NOT behave and/or NOT participate. I don't even want Mary to play soccer around here because of the crazed soccer parents this town is known for.