Monday, October 4, 2010

This Moment..The Extended Version

Last week I got the pleasure of picking Pete up from work.  I was getting some finishing touches done on my van from my wreck with a porch pole.  Being car less all day is not my strong suit so Pete allowed me to use his car so I would not go insane.

Which means I got to drop him off at work and then pick him up.  I always enjoy this process for many reasons. 
 Reason #1...Pete has a pretty cool job.  He flies H-60's for the Coast Guard.  He is like a real Rescue Hero and sometimes I forget that it is not just me who he rescues. Going to his work reminds me of the job he goes to everyday.

Reason #2..I REALLY like his flight suit. As much as I would like for him to wear it around the house..he doesn't so I only get to see him in it when he's at work.  When we first got married and he was a boat guy I enjoyed that uniform as well, but when he got into flight school I was thrilled that I would be kissing a pilot goodbye every morning. Not because of the job change...but the outfit was really hot!  That suit just does it for me!!

Reason #3 Our kids love to see Daddy's helicopter.  They get to climb around inside and wear his helmet (which weighs like 50 pounds).... I would imagine a kid would think that was pretty cool.  Not that I like climbing around those things.  I get airsick by just walking in the hanger.

Reason #4 I am reminded that this is just a moment in time for us.  Pete will not always be a helicopter pilot.  He will not always be in the Coast Guard.  One day he will be the old guy at the airport who sees a young military officer and want to shoot the breeze about the days when he flew.  I am mindful that we get to do this cool job for a short season and then we will never be back here again!

Reason #5 I get to be grateful for what these guys do and the enormity of the aircraft they pilot, and just how amazing that is....those things weigh a ton ...and they don't look like they should fly...makes me nervous really.
Reason #6 I get to see Pete be part of a tight brotherhood of amazing men.  Those pilots are all so alike and there is such a bond with those guys. I love seeing him be a man amongst men.

Reason #7 I get to go home with him!!


  1. Great pictures!
    So your husband is a pilot in the Coast Gurad? Wow, I bet that is a very exciting job.

    I bet the kids love telling people what their Daddy does. :)

  2. I have a feeling he feels just as lucky, and when you show up at work he's thinking "that's right, I get to go home to her!:)"

  3. Wow, thank him for his service to our country and keepin us safe! My father-in-law was in the Coast Guard and was along in the helicopters and c-130's in Kodiak for many rescue missions (20 years..)! We are so proud of his service and have a strong appreciation for life in the military around here! Love your post!
    P.s. also love the "Little House" theme of your blog!

  4. So sweet. Nothing prettier than a woman, madly in love with her man! :)

  5. This is a wonderful post and please thank you husband from my family for all that he does!
    Many blessings,

  6. I like reason #7... you're too cute!

    I agree with all the other reasons too and I sure do miss them! I can't wait to be back in that moment in our lives!

  7. I know what you mean about flight suits! ;) I too am amazed at what these men do. Have you ever done a simulator? I did once & crashed the plane before I even took off!

  8. Great pictures and what a wonderful job he has!
    Thanks for telling a great story!

  9. Following you back!

    I love the pictures! What a sweet family you have! I also love your mom in the curlers! Too cute!

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm now your newest follower.

    What a sweet post and your pictures are incredible!

  11. SUCH a cute post!!!! & Cute family!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)