Wednesday, October 13, 2010

These Pictures Are My Life

I will spare you the computer drama.  I can recap by saying ..I am a PC girl. After my old laptop got a creepy screaming virus I had a Mac Book Pro for about 24 hours and could not handle being that cool.  I just wanted my sweet simple Picassa and Windows back.  I realize I may the only human on the planet that was HORRIFIED at the learning curve of a MAC.  Mac's are supposed to be this super simple user friendly machine...well.  Maybe it was just me, but the few things I do on the computer were IMPOSSIBLE with the MAC. And since I still want to be able to pay my bills I can not buy every additional application under the sun to make the Mac do what my 350$ laptop does.
So I dragged everyone into Best Buy first thing in the morning and swapped out the super slick fancy Mac for my $350 Toshiba...and now I can blog again.  And more importantly I can play with my pictures in the way I have become accustomed to...through Picassa.

I could not live without my I-touch.  Pete got himself an I-Pad.  We do love Mac products. But the change from a PC to a Mac is a big step and I really do not have the time to relearn EVERYTHING I want the computer to do.

Picassa is a big part of my picture life.  It is free from google and I mostly organize and store my pictures there.  But I also do some basic cropping and editing.  These pictures are my life..really.  I have no pictures of anything that happened before these last 2 years.  We lost every single picture in the fire.  So when Mac would not talk to Picassa in the way I like, I knew she was not the computer for me. 

What type of computer do you guys use?  Is it a super fancy one?  Is it a Mac?  Am I just getting to old and change makes me twitch???

I know another thing that made me loose about 10 hours of sleep since having the Mac in my house...that hefty price tag.  I just kept thinking, "I could do  A LOT of things with this $1400".  Pete and I are savers.  We don't spend money easy.  Every dollar has to earn his way out of this buying that Mac felt like I took a match to A LOT of hard saved money.  I feel so much better with a $350 Toshiba sitting on this table..because I only use about that much worth.

I don't do $1400 worth of anything on the computer.  Some people do...

Well, so much for me not telling you the whole drama.  I just was wondering what you guys use?
....In other news.  I had my second knitting class last night.  I LOVE IT!!  Why have I not been knitting longer?  Why am I just now learning this fun hobby?  I could have used some cute hats and scarves in the days past.  But I am totally going to make up for lost time.  I am almost finished with my first scarf.  And last night I started a PATTERN!!  Like a real pattern to make a lacy knit scarf.  I love it.  The yarn I bought was super expensive.  I have to get used to looking at the price of yarn before falling in love with it.  Who knew yarn could cost this much.  I just thought..yarn is yarn.
But after picking out a yarn last night, just thinking it would be around the same price as the last skein I bought, I realized that yarn is NOT just yarn.


  1. No Mac love? Quelle horreur! I have to say, I thought that we would be fast friends if we met in real life, but I'm starting to question that now... :)

  2. We are Mac people...I love our iMac. I will admit it took some getting used to...but we can do so much with it. Of course, we make our own movies (iMovie app) and DVD's (iDVD) for Christmas presents (we have a lot of out of town family).

    But I definitely understand preferring the $350 Toshiba. I don't know if I can go back...but for the money, I wish I would find some way to do it!

  3. We have a MAC and I have no idea how to use it. I think PCs are much more intuitive but maybe that's cause I worked in an office for so many years. Your pictures are beautiful, you definitely don't need a fancier computer!

  4. I'm in the process of buying a lap top now. We currently have only one desk top in our house that we're all fighting over. I've gone back and forth over the Mac vs PC wondering , like you, if it's worth the money for me. I enjoy blogging, I too am getting used to Picassa, and other than e-mailing I don't use it for much else. My friends have said they love how the Mac organizes their pictures. I don't know what I'll do, but you got me thinking. Like you we are savers, and I too can think of a lot I could do with $1400!

    Now, on to knitting. I've made 2 scarves, and 2 hats. I'm been knitting and pearling away. I love it too. You're right, yarn is not just yarn! It's a fun hobby, and easy to do while watching a movie, or kids sporting events. I can't wait to see what you make. So fun!

  5. Lisa,
    I have Mac Love..lots of it. Like I said, my life would not be complete without my i-touch. And I have been gunning for an i-phone for a long time now..just hesitant on the monthly fees. I just think the Mac Book Pro was a little to "pro" for me...and really I am just not that cool!

  6. I'm on a Dell right now. Because I feel just about the exact same way as you and I use Picassa too. Have you tried Picnik yet? It's LOTS of fun, and free too! I completely get the knitting love too... I can't believe I didn't have some kindly grandmother sit me down at age five and pass this on to me! I mean, seriously!! Think of all the hats I could have knitted for myself over the years... I mean, if I learned how to knit hats. That's my next goal in life. Knit hats. And cute little knitted flowers to go on the knitted hats!

    I knew we'd be buddies. I knew it!

  7. I use a Mac, but it was a hard transition for me too. It was necessary though because I'm a diehard photoshop person, and the PC was killing me. We had nothing but trouble with Vista on our last laptop and almost lost photos twice. I love the backup options with Mac, and the mirrored hard drive protects the loss of our photos (except in case of fire or something).

  8. We are definitely Mac people. It did take quite a while for me to get used to all the differences though!

  9. these pics of your crew are WONDERFUL. it's macbook for us. we are so not cool. there's not even an iphone here ;-( we just had one too many pc vulnerable viruses and being on the mac seems there's less loss and recovery - probably viruses designed by mostly mac users!

  10. Hey Lisa- We just got a Macbook Pro at the beginning of this year. I was super comfortable with Windows from all of my years in the corporate world, but had experience in college (from my Major for TV production) from Mac. My main goal was to make videos for Holly and all of our other future kids, and I liked how all of the programs work together.

  11. Hi Lisa,

    Glad to see you up and blogging again.
    We have an hp desktop that I do most of my blogging from because I like editing pictures with Photoshop on this monitor the best. We also have an hp laptop that is currently gettting fixed.

    My parents just got a Mac and my Dad loves it. It has amazing capabilities, and I learned in my photography classes that most professional photogs store and edit on a Mac. Maybe one day, but they are SO expensive, and I am very impatient when learning new things like that.

    Also- I read your post about your storage unit catching fire. Oh my gosh. You sound like you handled it amazingly well. I am so sorry. Thank goodness that your family was all okay. Makes me feel like all my tears over losing all the pictures from my youngest daughters birth to 5 months is not that big of a deal.

  12. Oh Lisa, you poor thing. I know exactly how you feel. It took me a LONG time to get used to my mac and for weeks I begged my hubby to return it.
    Now, I am so happy that I've kept it. Sorry it didn't work out for you. You'd be amazed at what you could have done with pictures and video on a mac-no comparison to any other pc.
    Enjoy your new computer. You do have to stick to what works.

  13. We are Mac people...We have an imac and 2 i-phones, and 4 i-pods. We love all things APPLE. We had a dell and after 6 years and many crashes and Apple's amazing commercials, we made the switch about 3 years ago and NEVER looked back. My husband bought a pc laptop so that he could work from home and also play some video games that mac just can't do.
    The price is a little hefty but in my opinion well worth it!!!! Your pictures are great....and good luck with the scarves!

  14. I am happy with my PC and have no desire to get a Mac. I am all about what suits my needs and is cheap enough to do so!