Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Days I Just.... with my camera.  I just look around and take things off my shelves and start playing around.
One hot day last week I got a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail.  I looked at the cover and felt an immediate need to eat some turkey with extra gravy and stuffing with cranberries..and I don't even like cranberries.

Then I felt the need to order one of everything I saw.

But, instead I grabbed my camera, and some lollipops.  The camera was for me, and the lollipops were for the little people to be occupied while I took 300 pictures of my cross and bowls...inspired by the Pottery Barn catalog.

I looked at some of the smaller pictures in the catalog and tried to recreate what they shot using what I had.  I love the pictures in that catalog and thought.."I wanna try!!"

It was fun!!  It put a pep in my step for the rest of the day.  I was having a great time taking the pictures, staging the objects and keeping Lucy from destroying it all in the blink of an eye. 

And that brings me to the point of telling you all

Getting to take pictures, sharing stories, and meeting some great gals, has made this blog so fun for me...


And keep reading!!!


  1. I really love those shots, especially the last one. That cross is gorgeous. I'm glad I found you because I love your blog too. :)

  2. So pretty! I have justr recently discovered your blog and it is now a daily read. Continued Blessings.

  3. Love the black and white of your daughter...awesome shots. I am so excited because I made the monumental decision to buy a D-90!!!! I have a D-80, which I have had for three years, and now that I am blog hopping, I realized it just wasn't getting the job done. I would change the setting and lens and have a hard time getting "that shot". I read on "Ken Rockwell (you have to visit that site) that the D-80 has an internal light meter that over exposes everything, I finally realize it is not user error! Anyway, it comes in on Tuesday and I am beside myself with excitement. Now, I have to to go update my own blog with my "not so great" D-80 photos....(but not for long)!

  4. My kids make fun of me and tell me I take pictures of the strangest things, like yesterday when I wanted pictures of their feet on the front steps, and the pictures I took of spilled beans the other day, and dirty shoes kicked on the floor. They just don't understand photography. Yeah, THAT's what it is!

    Thanks for the support for my new and improved blog stuff. I played with my header and faded everything out, so the only thing that stood out was the bottom of Emma's dress. I really like the shot!

  5. I do the same thing!! Especially on rainy days. I've been playing with my tripod in the house trying to see what I can do with the slowest shutter speed possible. Its so much fun!
    Love your pics!

  6. I've been taking so many pictures I think I'm driving my kids nuts! I have soooo much to learn. They say get to know your camera, so that's what I'm trying to do. I love your pictures :)

  7. I feel the same way about my blog! Great pictures.

  8. Well you know I'm hooked on photography in general... and also YOUR blog! :)

  9. Your pictures are beautiful!
    Can't wait till I get one of those fancy cameras to take really cool pictures with!!:)
    Enjoy the day

    i can get completely lost in a PB catalog too...

  10. I do the same thing and have the same cross! Mine just isn't white!