Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Answer...Shoes!

If anyone ever asks , "What is the hardest part of having 5 kids?" I know my answer.  I could say it in my sleep.


Keeping them.  Buying them.  Finding them. Getting them on.

Who knew?  I had no idea the amount of time, energy and effort that would go into keeping people in shoes.  I am not even talking about the expense part of the equation....yet!

And shoes can make or break an outfit.  And even worse, they can make or break and entire event.  We went to the library yesterday, which is downtown so you have to park like 4 miles away and walk.  The library is an event in of itself.  But I got us all packed up, books and all.  We get there, I park my 4 miles away, haul everyone out of the car and Lucy has no shoes on. GAME OVER. BACK IN THE BUS GUYS.  SHOES HAVE ONCE AGAIN RUINED AN EVENT (the library is an event..oops..I already mentioned that).

Some moms may gasp right now thinking, "See..that moms who has all those stinkin' kids can't even keep up with that little sweet peanuts shoes....Poor darlins' havin' a mama like that."

Other moms are reading this thinking, " have little people, wait until those girls are teenagers, then you can complain."  I agree. Things are going to get a lot worse.  But for right now things are not that bright either.

Other moms are thinking, "You silly live in the land of flip flops.  What is so hard about that?" Well for one thing, my kids never have sneakers when they need them.  They LIVE in flip flops, but some occasions actually call for sneakers and usually they have outgrown them since they worn them 5 months ago. So riding bikes in flip flops, or climbing trees in flip flops, or running in flip flops becomes a hazardous event.

When I am having one of those, "How can I be a better mom" days, most of the things that are on my 'need to improve' list relate to shoes.

#1 I will be better about screaming through the house.."Where are your shoes?"
#2 I will not make the girls wear shoes 3 sizes to small just because they look better with that outfit.
#3 I will lay out the shoes for the toddlers so they do not walk out of the house with nothing on their feet.
#4 I will provide the right shoe for the right season.

And to date...none of these things have occurred.  I keep telling you..there are so many things I want to do in this life, knitting, run a marathon, bake really good pie, and have a handle on keeping my kids in shoes while still being able to afford electric.

And to any mom who is reading this post who has more kids than me please know that I realize people have it a lot worse than I do.  It just seems like this is an area that I really lack.. maybe some wisdom , and the lottery, would help.

So with all that being said,  I have go to go now and get everyone's  shoes ready because we are about to walk out the door.  We are on our way to a kids consignment sale, where I hope, by God's grace, to find so many shoes that I can delete this post before I publish.


  1. When I went to the outlets the other day-wrote about it today- I needed to get my 12 year old a dress. I only wanted a modest, fall season, appropriate dress for a 12 year old girl. Finding one of those is near impossible. I shopped the whole outlet and finally found something I could live with. Done!
    I go to another store because my girl needs bras. ALL of the bras, DESIGNED for young girls (themed for tween girls) had push up padding in them! Really? We need to enhance these little girls who are just getting a taste of womanhoood? I found none without the padding.
    It only gets harder Lisa, but I feel your pain about the shoes. I also found some boots for my 8 & 9 yr. old girls that were regularly $60- yeah right! And snagged them from the Bass store for $13 each! Sweet!
    I so get where you're coming from!!
    Buy me something at consignment.
    Like a pair of shoes!

  2. I can't say that I know how you feel because I only have one child who is not yet walking...but I'm already fretting about her first pair of shoes. They're SO expensive! And can I get away with buying only 1 pair? can she wear the same pair with a dress or play clothes? I'm excited about her 1st pair of shoes, but also completely intimidated :)

  3. Your post made me laugh (in empathy!)
    We are in a shoe dilema as well. We are still on the lookout for a pair of newer sneakers for my oldest son - not yet a teenager and already wearing man sized shoes!

  4. This post is sooo true. I never really thought about it until I read this. I struggle with 3 kids, so I can only imagine 5. In our house my boys only have one pair of shoes to wear to school (flip flops not allowed) so if we lose one, total panic in the house:) Who would have thought shoes could cause so much craziness!

  5. More shoes just means more pairs with one lost! How do they lose one shoe? I don't know but it happens all the time, at least with the under-10 crowd. With the over-10 crowd, I can't decide if it's better or worse because then they lose both shoes. Ugh. I will say that Crocs have made my life easier. They are easy like flip-flops but keep toes a little more covered. And their bright colors stand out against every thing else in the house!

  6. Yes, the shoe dilemma! We have driven to mass before and as we are getting out of the car, realized the 4 yo only had one shoe... She is our worst shoe offender - loses them, wears others etc, etc.

  7. I am very sad that our flip flop weather is now leaving us. I really enjoyed the whole summer when my girls could put on their own shoes. Now everyone needs at least some help with the process. So I think since I have to deal with 3 other people's feet before I can get out the door, I'll just keep my flip flops on until it snows!

  8. Ohhhh, I am sorry for your shoe dilemma as I chuckle at the same time. That must be very frustrating.

    On Monday evening I had to buy yet another pair of shoes for my son, and wondered how I would keep up if I had more children. He's really hard on shoes - wears them out from the inside out. Just about every 2 months we're off to buy another pair. Sometimes I'm smart and save the 2-for-1 coupon for StrideRite; then I buy two pair in the same size.

    Good luck with the shoes this week. Just one more thing to check before you leave the house: door locked: check, shoes on: check.

  9. I too struggle constantly with this issue! With three girls I always think I should have shoes ready for the younger two, but inevitably they are the wrong season or totally trashed, or missing one, etc etc.

    Great photos to accompany the post.

  10. My boys are 15 and 18 and wear their sneakers everyday. (At least they are old enough to find their own when they go missing!) Our dilemma is every single time these boys have to dress up and wear nice clothes with regular shoes they have to be bought because they outgrow them so fast! They can't even share/hand-me down because one is big and muscular and the other is very long and lean! Feeding and clothing them takes a big bite out of what seems to be our too small budget!!

  11. We have show drama here, too - and we only have two kids!! I could NOT imagine dealing with shoes for 5! :)

  12. This post cracked me up!! I stumbled upon your blog by reading Enjoying the Small Things, which I was just led to after having a baby in April with downs. And I love how she celebrates that with her Nella, and I just love her pictures. So, I have entered this blog world and am enjoying all these mama connections that I never knew existed. I totally related to your post today with six kiddos. Literally, right before I read this, I just sent my seven year old son to go around the house and find all the shoes out (because my two and four year old love to play in them), and I told him to organize them. Shoes, shoes, shoes!! It is quite the dilema, but what a joyful dilema to have. And what can I say- you said it all about shoes. And I love the feet pictures. They are all such blessings. Love how you homeschool. We do too and cherish everyday of this beautiful journey God has led us on!! Thank you for the laugh today. Oh, and I even have the same weather dilema as you.

  13. This made me laugh out loud!!! I love this post and it is so true about the shoes and I only have two kids. That is the one thing I really try to set out so we're not searching for shoes in the morning...not a good time for me to be unprepared. thanks for stopping by my blog...nice to "meet" you.

  14. Ah! Shoes! Yes, shoes. I can relate so completely. And really, what stinks is that you go to the effort of getting the shoes, finding the shoes putting the shoes on...only to arrive at your destination with them taken off by 21-month-old baby boy who thinks it is all a game. :)

  15. I hear ya on the shoe thing, girl and I've only got the TWO!!

    BTW, I loved your comment today. You know how you can just TELL when you'll click with someone? Totally thought that as I read your blog for the first time. LOL You're so much fun.


  16. Oh my gosh. Cute post! I couldn't agree more on the shoe subject and I only have two also!

    LOVE love that last picture of the cute little feet in the darling yellow sandals. Are those stride rite? My daughter had the pink ones. :)

    Sorry you had to drive all the way home from the library without going in!! Maybe ya'll should keep spare shoes in your car. :)
    After my daughter got sick and threw up in the car one time, I came home, cloroxed my whole car, and then stashed plastic bags, wet wipes, and spare clothes and a blanket in their just in case.

    Loved your post.

  17. You are so right about shoes. They are so hard to fine...good ones, at a good price and that are cute...oh and will go with everything! I don't get the girls a lot of shoes, because I want them to have good that means they are not a really good price. And kids are so hard on shoes...drives me crazy!

    Great post!

  18. I am SO glad you stumbled upon my blog today and left me such a sweet and thoughtful comment! I just spent some time browsing through yours and really connected with you! Your kids are adorable and your writing is totally my style. I'm definitely your newest follower!

    That picture on the side of your mom and the poem attached are priceless - lovely!!

    Ahhh, shoes! I didn't give this topic much thought with my firstborn. He's happy in sneakers or Crocs (although, his feet grow super-quickly!). Fast forward to my daughter - she is my shoe-fashonista at two years old! She comes by it honestly; my mom and my husband's mom are shoe lovers and are constantly feeding the habit. I wonder how long I can get away with having them buy her shoes?!

  19. As usual, SO funny & real. Thank you, Katie x

  20. I have two boys who need extra wides. I spend a fortune on shoes. It is awful.