Friday, October 15, 2010

The Little House That Schools- Daddy Files!

Where was Pete during my pull to home school? Let me explain. Pete is pretty easy going regarding most things. He is a rational thinker who can withdraw emotion from any given situation ,make an informed decision, and even stick to it. Which is like the EXACT opposite of me. I think with all emotion and make informed decisions then I am constantly changing my mind. But at this point in the story he was your average person who’s first reaction to home schooling is, “What about socialization?”

I am not sure how I first answered that concern of his but it was probably something like this, “Do you think I could do anything with or without these children that limited us socially. Look at me..I am like social Mrs. America. Not being social is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.” I never really bought into the “what about socialization” question for a few reasons. First, since when did getting socialized only happen at certain locations between certain groups of people? Doesn’t socialization happen naturally as we…SOCIALIZE??? We are humans who communicate and relate with people all day, every day, whether we like it or not. Second, the goal of school is to be EDUCATED. To gain knowledge and understanding of the world around us and to know how to grow in knowledge …not to learn to be social. I don’t consider “socialization” as a goal of school because it is not an area of our lives that needs intensive training! Not when you are in this family at least.

I also reminded him that my biggest regret of childhood was the intense focus I had on being social and it came at the great expense of being well educated. Still, I think he was not sure what he thought. He just had the mind set of…“We have plenty of time to decide.” And mind you, at this point I am on the fence as well. But the question of socialization was crystal clear in my mind. The goal of school is to educate…not to socialize!!

A little while after the home school conversation started the same mom who lent me 100 Easy Lessons also lent me the book Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum by Laura Berquist. I read the introduction to the book and put it aside thinking…”How wonderful that some moms can do that…not me though.” It all sounded a bit…ambitious. I was intrigued by the idea of classical curriculum and even a bit inspired. But baby making and toddler growing was taking its toll on me so I put the book up and went on my way.

One night Pete grabs the book and sits down next to me and asks, “Did you get this from Kathy?”. Pete had met Kathy and already began borrowing books from her. She is just that type of person who knows something about everything and has a book to lend you about it. He begins reading the introduction. A few hours later he closes the book and says, “Lease, we have to do this! Can you imagine getting to learn like this? I would have loved to have been taught like this growing up. Did you see what they are reading in 9th grade. This is awesome!” The problem was…I did see what they were reading in 9th grade, and even 5th grade, and I did think it was amazing. But I would have to do it. Me…no WE!! ME!!

He was hooked! He loved the whole idea of the classical Trivium and gaining a true liberal arts education. He wanted our kids to be taught how to think and not just accumulate facts. He was inspired by the stages of the Trivium and the possibilities the curriculum held.

Pete is a smart guy. He is well educated and his college followed the classical model. He learned a lot about what he didn’t know in college that he felt he should have known. And after reading Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum he knew that it was possible to gain the type of education that would put you at an advantage later in life. His question to me was, “How can we not do this?”


  1. I have a question ~ WHEN do you sleep? I can't figure how you fit all that you do in a day but I keep tuning in every day in hopes of finding out! We are cheering you on!

  2. Classical Trivium...I'm going to google that! Sounds so wonderful. Like you, my biggest concern would be that I had to do it. Tell us more! Such a good story:) If my kids were still in the toddler years before school starts I would totally consider this. I didn't know any home schooling moms at that time in my life, and really never even thought about it as an option. I don't know if it would have been for us, but it would have been nice to consider it. Your family is so darn cute by the way!!!

  3. Ooh, I'm intrigued! I'm going to have to get this book from the library.

  4. I love that you are so social. That cracked me up because I'm the same way. My son totally takes after me, but my daughter is super anti social. I have to literally PUSH her back into social situations. She is very introverted, which I'm not, and she doesn't express herself at all. I've been really worried about her socialization, and I'm not sure where I'm at with it to be honest... I love that your man is on board. Mine is too, and helps out a ton with Math and cultivating our faith as we read books aloud in the evening. It's such a huge contribution.

    Thank you for sharing!! I love hearing how other families do it. So glad we've "met" in this big world of blogging. I'm getting to the point where I read very few blogs because of time, and you are definitely one that I MAKE time to read!