Friday, October 22, 2010

The Little House That Knits

I finished my first knitting project.

I actually finished Tuesday night at my lesson, but I did not get pictures until yesterday.

I am so excited.  It is so funny to think that this did not exist until I KNIT IT!!!!

I can see ALL my mistakes.  I was not sure how to back out of my stitch so I would just plow through...I really wanted to finish.  It is not perfect and I love that!!  I love that I can see how much better I got as time went just this project alone.

I love fringe...I love scarves ..and I

still love this little girl (just in case you were wondering)

When I went to my first knitting lesson the store owner said, "Well, we usually start by making dish clothes."
I said, "I want to make something I can wear!"
And 3 weeks later...that is exactly what I did.

I am now on my 3rd scarf.  I finished my 2nd one last night but I am still working on the fringe fun!

I am REALLY wanting to learn to make hats...

And then I want to learn to crochet so I can make cute little flowers to put on my knit hats and scarves.
Right now all 3 scarves are for ME!!!  I will make something for the girls after the next one ( a total of 4 scarves for ME).  Next scarf I am doing will teach me cabling...whatever that means.

Until then I think I will NEVER finish this little piece of work.  I am knitting 2, pearling 2..and I am getting NO WHERE FAST!!  This is like 4 hours of knitting!!!

But this scarf was fun and fast....I will take pictures later.  Until then...

I am just so excited to be a proud owner of yarn, needles and 2 finished projects!!!


  1. Fun scarves. I made one like your first last year, but knitted longways instead of crossways. (pics here: ). There are so many different ways to knit a simple scarf!

  2. Yay! Your scarves look great! That's so exciting! I remember that exact same excitement when I started knitting, which was only 20 months ago. You'll see steady improvement as you challenge yourself. Hats really are easy once you learn to join in the round. :) They're some of my favorite things to knit because they go so fast!

  3. Beautiful job! I love the colors in the second one! This is something i'd like to learn as well. great for you being ambitious and going for the scarves!;-)
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Your comment "It is so funny to think that this did not exist until I KNIT IT!" perfectly sums up what is so magical about making things. I feel the same way about jewelry. I think God gives us a taste of the divine act of creation by allowing us to make things (and babies for that matter).

  5. Wow, you really are on a roll with your knitting! I too took a class about 3 weeks ago, and am slowly working away at a dish cloth. Your blue scarf looks awesome!! And I hear you on the slowness of K2, P2 ~ important though for ribbing at cuffs when you make that first sweater. As quickly as you've taken to knitting, I'm sure you'll be making your first sweater in no time at all.

    Way to go!

  6. I love that fringe! I haven't made one with fringe yet. I too am currently knitting 2 pearling 2, but my yarn is not near as cute as yours!

  7. ok, those are AWESOME!! Can you teach me too or do I have to take the class?

    Proud of you!

  8. Awesome! I keep saying I am going to learn to knit, so I can make leg warmers for my youngest girl. I know someone who knits them for her toddler, and they are so cute! I wish I could make time for a class... I do not think I could teach myself. Great pictures! +JMJ+

  9. Congratulations. It is beautiful! Lovely colours too.

  10. Love your knitting, I actually started last year but didn't finish anything. This year I have picked it up again and am almost half way through my first scarf. It is addicting, but hard to do with babies around!

  11. I looove that scarf! Great job!!

  12. Lovely scarf!! Isn't knitting fun?! I just started a baby hat for my son (#6), who will be born around Christmas. And I also am making a pair of fingerless mitts for my oldest daughter ... Thanks for stopping by my blog. God bless.

  13. I'm excited to see you are knitting! I began knitting about a year and a half ago. You must look at the best knitting website out there. free to sign up and free patterns for anything you might want to knit.

  14. Love our scarf! The yarn is yummy!
    Welcome to a new addiction!!! You will never be the same!!