Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lemonade Makin' Mama Got Me Thinkin'

It's Saturday afternoon and it is a hot one.  Way to hot to feel excited about anything fall.  But that's OK..we have clean sheets on the bed and a fridge full of milk and is good!

I was sitting here catching up on some school planning.  After I finished I rewarded myself with some blog reading.  I give myself goals so I can goof off in blog land and not feel like a neglectful mama. I opened up one of my favorites Lemonade Makin' Mama and read her post today...super cute.
But it got me thinking....

I have chopped my hair 2 different times in my life.  And when I say chopped...I mean like hacked off 8 inches of hard to grow hair.  As with Lemonade Makin Mama..I had had it and I made a drastic change on an impulse.

But here is the kicker...I was VERY pregnant both times I decided to shorten my hair by 90%.  I remember feeling super unattractive and I thought that cutting my hair was the right thing to do...because the fact that I was 30 pounds heavier had nothing to do with the whole unattractive feeling had to be my hair.

This would be a perfect time to show a picture of me as big as a house with newly chopped hair...but no pictures exists...for a reason. And why would I repeat the mistake 2 times, during two different pregnancy's?  You got me.  I just have a way of convincing myself that this time I really know what I am doing....not like last time.
The result was horrid..BOTH TIMES!!

 I think there should be some sort of Salon rule. No woman with a baby growing inside her should make drastic hair changes.  The thought process is a bit blurred by ..Oh ...I don't know MAKING A HUMAN!!

But my heart goes out to any Stylist who is confronted with such a sticky situation because a gestating mama is hard to reason with and who wants to say no to a woman

That being said...
I have pledged to never  make drastic hair changes while

Any other time is fine...but I have learned from my mistakes.
But I love fun new hair styles on moms..and they really inspire me to change my own locks.  But I have another problem..I have not found a hair dresser here in 3 years that can compare to my last one.  It has been a hard 3 years for my hair...
I miss you Janel..I miss you Sitka!


  1. I chopped mine shorter that short during my first pregnancy! Lesson learned!!!!

  2. OK...I just wasted an hour reading through your blog (guess I shouldn't say wasted because I enjoyed every minute of it!) Question: I know you use a Nikon D90 (I have the D80) but what lens do you use and do you edit your pictures. They are awesome and I want to know how you do it. I have been shy about putting a lot of photos on my blog but now I realize that it really makes the blog more interesting! Keep up the great work. I am still where you were about a year ago...trying to figure it all out! Just learning what all the buttons on blogger really do and still need to tackle all the buttons on my camera ~ the little I know is from the Ken Rockwell site (great site if you haven't checked it out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Bwahahahaha!!! Love it. You are so right, and matter of fact, I chopped my hair during BOTH of my pregnancies too! I think I can safely say that hormones were NOT involved in this most recent chopping... I think.

    Then again, you just never know! LOL

    Love it girl.