Monday, October 25, 2010

I Was Going To Do A Blog Post About

This really fun Halloween party we got invited to this past Saturday.  I was going to start by saying how amazing people are when they open their house to families and show everyone a really good time.

I was going to write about Pete and I having to dress up and how the kids were so excited.
( picture of me...I promise I do exist...and I did dress up)

I was probably going to let it slip that I let Molly wear mascara and I thought she looked amazing even though I am supposed to want her to look like a little girl for as long as possible.  I could not help but be impressed with those lashes with mascara on them.
I wanted to tell you all that this family who hosted the party is amazing.  They own 25 horses because they want to.  They just love having them and they have built a home to allow for this love to be center of their world.  Amazing!!

If I were not so tired I would write about Pete and how he is such a good sport and how I never tire of being his date.
 And then I would write something about this pack of sweet girls who give me such hope.  They make me hope for fun things in my girls future.  These girls are fun, beautiful and in love with their faith...oh yeah, they like horses a bit too.  If I had enough energy I would tell you that when I see girls like them I am so encouraged to keep homeschooling.  These girls INSPIRE me!!  I wish I had enough brain power left to tell you why. 
 And before I would have ended this post I would have said something about it being hard to be a military family...
Because you never get to stay....

But I am way to wore out tonight to go into all let's just say...
Good Night!


  1. Awww...those are such great pictures! I love the Minnie Mouse (sorry, I don't know her name). She's such a cutie! :)

  2. So cute! I love all of the costumes!!

  3. Love this post. Everyone looks amazing! Sounds like a really special night. Xo

  4. I love redheads! Three of my seven kids have beautiful red hair. Great pictures. +JMJ+

    P.S. Oh, and I love blonds, too! (The other four have beautiful blond heads!)

  5. My kids have long eyelashes and every year for Halloween I found an excuse to put mascara on them (well the girls that is) just to see how long they would get!

  6. Ooh I love the new header! Who did your blog design?

    I've left you an award over at my site, check it out!