Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Just Want To Let You Know

These ten things I think you should know before proceeding with this friendship.
In no particular order....

#1 When we had our storage fire and lost EVERYTHING we owned I was not sad at all about loosing the 300 totes I had filled with different clothes for different children and different seasons.  I realize this was a financial set back and I may live to miss some of those items.  But I have to say NOT having 8 years of back logged clothes was OK with me.

 #2 I try to pray the rosary as much as I can.  I often feel guilty when to many days has gone by and I have not prayed one(or prayed a full one without falling asleep during).  I have even more guilt that I do not include my children in the praying of the rosary.  However, the other day at mass a priest said, "If I have a choice between praying the Rosary or reading scripture, I would choose scripture."  He got me thinking,  if I pray through the daily readings and don't pray a rosary should I feel like I did less that day??  I don't think so...
So, I'm cutting myself some slack here. Just lettin' you know!!
 #3 I like to dress my girls in matching clothes.  I would like us all to wear matching clothes (the girls including me that is).  I realize that may be a bit extreme..but I think it would be fun.  My 2 older girls wore matching outfits all the way until last summer when they were 8 and 6.  I sadly let it go for them. Not because they asked, just because it was getting hard to keep up with.  But lucky for me I have 2 more little girls more that I can match.  Sometimes I feel bad for Priscilla, because some outfits I have she will be wearing until she is 8 years old. 
#4 I have a hard time drinking coffee.  Pete is not even sure I should call it coffee, more like a warm coke.  I use a splash of coffee with my cream and sugar.  Not exactly gonna get me into any "skinny" jeans if you know what I mean.  But the real problem is the caffeine.  It make me go nuts...like shaking and wanting to run on a hamster wheel nuts.  And if the people around me don't have the same reaction time..I go a little more nuts. So I have decided to switch to decaf.  So now I am consuming a 200 calorie drink because why??? Not to sure on this one.  Still thinking this over and you would be surprised to know how much I allow myself to think of such nonsense.  And poor Pete..he usually hears a great deal of my personal deliberations.

#5 On the same note of coffee, I would like to own a sweet little coffee shop business one day.  Granted I can't drink the stuff, but having a cute little shop where moms could come and knit, kids can play in a courtyard type area would be really fun.  I could school the kids throughout the day and have little groups that come and meet and eat all my sweet treats.  It just sounds so...sweet!

#6 My little guy LOVES Spiderman  and I think that is cool!!

#7  I want this type of truck to be Emily's first car.  I just think it would be so cute to see a sweet little girl scoot around town in this classic 1965 Chevy!!  OK..maybe I want to be the girl scooting around town in this truck..but I'm sure she'll share.

 #8  When it comes to money I have a hard time.  I have changed a lot in this area.  When Pete and I first were married I would have us over drawn every month.  I just thought, "It will eventually all catch up...right?" Not the case anymore.  I have changed my wicked ways...mostly.  I am not over drawing us..but I am girl with wants and needs and sometimes I have a hard time knowing the difference.  But I have also become a girl who likes a fat bottom line...so I drive myself crazy in the money department and I would like to stop!!
#9 This is my mom and I get to see her today.  She is coming to visit for 1 week and I am so excited.  I just have wanted my mom so  much lately and now she is here..almost!!

#10 I don't like hot fruit.  I am not a fan of fruit pies..or cooked fruit in any way.  If I bake a pie with fruit involved it is only out of my deep love and devotion to that person.

Now that you know these 10 things I feel much closer to you all.  I think honesty is always best!!


  1. I have this idea in my head that I prefer fruit pies to other pies. However, I just ate a piece of homemade apple pie, and didn't enjoy it one bit. The blueberry pie I made last week...hated that too.
    Chocolate eclair pie is my favorite. I need to remember that.

  2. Your list made me laugh...These were my thoughts.
    #3 I would like to dress my girls in coordinating outfits for church and special occassions.
    #7 I think my brother drove a truck like that before he had children.
    #10 I so do not like making pies of any sort.

  3. Ha. I do feel closer to you now. ;) I think a girl driving that truck would be more of a bad a#* and not so sweet but that's not a bad thing. I don't like hot fruit either. xo

  4. I loved reading all ten! I do feel like I know you more. I can totally relate to the money thing, and needs v.s wants. I can even talk myself into believing that a want is a need!! Did you follow that? You're so lucky your Mom is coming. I miss my Mom EVERY day.

  5. This was such a fun post! I second the notion of dressing alike! I wish I could wear half the clothes Holly does! Their clothes are just so cute! My Mom, sister and I have the coffee shop dream too! And,I always eat around the fruit in pies!! (Speaking of skinny jeans!) So excited to see you guys on Thanksgiving! _-Adrienne

  6. I don't like hot fruit (or coffee) either!!:)
    And when my girls were younger I dressed them in matching outfits all the time. Not the same exact outfit, but the same "line"...know what I mean?
    Love the truck and so hear you on the needs vs. wants thing!!!
    Enjoy the day

  7. I dressed my two girls alike so much that everyone used to ask if they were twins. One day, Elizabeth looked at me when she was about six and said "Mommy, why do you tell everyone that we are not twins when we really are?"
    That was a great post and I love you can pull the most random things out of the air to write about and they are so funny and interesting. By the way, my D90 came in yesterday and I took my first pics with it this morning of my girls going off to "cartoon day" (part of homecoming week)! That camera is awesome!

  8. My Ben is totally crazy over spiderman...CRAZY!

    I really wasnt a fan over eating or making pies until this year and now I have gone pie-crazy. For the first time ever, I have made, like, 10 pumpkin pies out of an actual baked and blended pumpkin, in just the last month! I have also made several fresh Peach pies (no heating required on the peaches for this recipe), an apple pie, and a chocolate cream pie. Not sure why all of a sudden I have been on a pie-making-roll this last month but it sure has helped me enjoy eating them more than I ever had!

  9. You are a crack up. I don't like coffee either, and if my daughter and I could match daily, my life would be complete. I like all of your other "likes" too, but those are the ones that stood out.

    I am, however, making pocket apple pies today... it's for a home school assignment. I hope we can still be friends. Ha! :)

    (PS. Fruit doesn't belong in dessert. That's my general rule. I make one exception- pie, though cake is my first choice, and fruit and chocolate should never go together!)

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. I love your list of things we should know. In regards to #2, I just have to share with you. When I would stay at my grandparent's house, my Grandmother and Grandfather would pray the rosary immediately after I was put to bed. It was their quiet time. I have wonderful memories of falling asleep to the sound of their voices praying the rosary aloud in Dutch. They'd alternate: she'd say the Hail Mary's and he would say the Our Fathers. It is such a special memory for me, and Oh, how I miss that. And so #2 on your list brought a few tears to my eyes. I tell you this because even though you may not pray the rosary with your children as often as you'd like, just the sound of your voice praying it would have just as great an impact.

    Thanks again for sharing those tidbits. It made my day.

  11. Love your getting to know you entry. I try to get up early to say the Rosary alone and read scripture. Some days it works out some days not- it is hard not to beat yourself up about it.I used to dress my little girls and boys in matching outfits, they now would refuse I am sure for they are all teenagers. I do have my little guy who is three,perhaps matching christmas sweaters!I am now trying to give up on coffee because it makes me jittery too and i use way too much sugar!I never was a truck girl but I do like the classics and I could see me driving in that truck too!All my sons jammies are spiderman because of hand me downs from a neighbor boy who was nuts about Spidey.Your Mom looks like a sweetheart and a lot of fun.I do love hot pies especially blueberry!Your sweet shop sounds great make sure you serve tea too! Now you know a little about me too!

  12. I read your note about not finishing the Rosary and I'm not sure if you know that you can say it throughout the day, a Decade at a time.

    And if you ever can't finish it, just ask your angels and they will happily finish it for you.

    And I this isn't a shortcut, a Sister taught me this.