Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Can This Little Person Make Me So Crazy?

She is about 22 months and on Wednesday I was looking for the return to sender receipt.  How can such a small person create such strong emotion?

You would think that with her being #5 I would have figured out how not to let a 22 month old get under my skin.  That I should have learned by now that each battle is not worth fighting.

And I know for sure that I should have learned that discpline is never easy and it is never always takes EFFORT!!  I know somewhere along the way I learned, and even practiced pro-active discpline instead of re-active discpline

But even with my 9 years of training ...this little gal can TAKE ME DOWN!!!!

She can wear me out and have me praying "Hail Mary" throughout the day.

And my #1 prayer is I can act older than a 22 month old.  I will let you know how I do...I have my fingers crossed!


  1. They make us crazy because they hold our hearts. I always tried to remember what my boys must feel like being told what to do/eat/clean up everyday and that it was always my idea not theirs. That helped me to keep from strangling them. Many a night as I tucked them in I told them I was sorry if I was a crabby mom today and they always said its ok mom, we love you. Hang in there; she will be a teenager driving you crazy before you know it!

  2. Lisa, boy, do I remember those days! It is really hard to believe right now, but in a few years, you will be wishing they had not gone by so fast! Wow, life is really funny sometimes :) You are one terrific Mom with a wonderful and loving husband and GREAT children! Just remember that!!! Love ya lots! ~Aunt Donna

  3. Oh Lisa, I can so relate! I don't have a 22 month old, but I have a 10 year old that was my sole reason for going to Mass this morning. Keep up your prayers, take some deep breaths, and remember that it will pass. She is awfully cute! If that helps at all :)

  4. I can so relate too! Claire is almost 24 months and she is by far my sassy crazy pistol of a child!

    I wanted to say thanks for my book! I got it yesterday. Can't wait to check it out.

    Also thanks for the comment on my 365 blog! It's a fun challenge! And helps me get practice just about everyday. :)