Tuesday, October 5, 2010

God's Gift

Yesterday was one of those days. 

A day when I spent a  ridiculous amount of time on the phone boo-hooing to my mama.

Everything was wrong..people kept throwing tantrums at the indoor playground that I so generously take them to, they are constantly growing and needing shoes and food (the 2 most expensive parts of having children), they were asking me questions like, "Can I skip science today mama?"...can you imagine???

They were fighting over one doll that nobody has looked at for years. They were moving at a s..n..a...i..l...s pace not minding A WORD I SAID!!! Did I mention they keep wanting to be fed and clothed..and none of them have a job???

I cried myself into a complete heap...like really bad.  It felt so good!!  I said things to my mom that you would never tell another soul..because they would lock you up.

Then after I let it all out I came back inside my house sat down with my daughters and finished school.
It felt really good to start after that.  Sometimes I keep so much inside because I am afraid what if I let this go..and it never stops?  What if I let myself breakdown and I can't ever pull it back together? And when I hold it all in like that  nonsense turns into major events.
But for me today..that was not the case.  I let it all out..I'm talking ugly cry faces, snorting and the inability to talk .
And I felt so much better...
And life went on in a very good way.
God is good and Moms are His gift to all of us.  I just want to be a gift to my kids, like my mom is a gift to me,  and with my God's help I may get there..one emotional breakdown at a time!


  1. Oh my goodness we had a horrible day yesterday too. Luckily we don't have to worry about school yet or I would have definitely had a major meltdown!

    Also, it seems like people with only 1 or 2 kids are allowed to complain, but once you get to 3 and definitely 4 and beyond, people don't want to hear it. After all you asked for all the extra stress by having "all those kids". I don't even feel like I can have any pregnancy complaints this time around, because I know all I would hear from most people is "I told you so" or "well this better be the last one then". Anyway, that's the vibe I get and I think it just sucks! Sorry for the mini-rant. :)

  2. UG...it was a MONDAY...hoping that today is a much better day for all!!

  3. We all have those days, well, at least I know I have those days too! You are a good mom and it is so good to let it all out. Hope today is better.

  4. Just stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed reading it and looking at your beautiful pictures. Everyone has these days...the fact that you are able to get it all off your chest, "ugly" face questionable, is such a relief isn't it?

    I am still adjusting to life with 2, (both under 2) and there's days when it's close to 5PM before we can get out the door, and when we do the diaper bag is half empty, nothing is organized, babes are crying...usually in a highly public place and I so want to just chime right in with them. But like you said...people would likely lock us up...anyways, here's to better days ahead this week.

    Cheers- Alissa

  5. Aren't moms the best?!?
    So glad your was there for you.
    And you ARE there for yours.
    Hoping today is better!
    Enjoy the day

  6. I hope your day and week got better, dear! Your babies are precious, by the way. Thanks for sharing this post with us- it is very nice! By the way- I'm stalking you now, too! :) Talk to you soon!

  7. Hope your day is better. Many blessings to you.

  8. Just found your blog and it's beautiful. It's so great that there is a blog community of moms to remind us (me) that it's okay to be just exactly who we are. I've said many things the past few days that I'm not proud of, and I don't have a good mama to confide in.

    My husband just looks at me with a mix of confusion and oddity. Guess there are some things better left to mamas.

    Thanks for sharing your blog! I love reading about homeschooling. I'm not brave enough yet to try it, but I love hearing about it.

  9. Great post...don't we all have those days!
    I always feel better after talking it all out with my Mom too.
    Thank God we have them!
    Hope the rest of your week is Fabulous!

  10. I feel you pain! Sometimes it just feels SO good to cry, doesn't it? And thank goodness for mom's :)

  11. You are not alone my friend! We all have those moments, hours, days, weeks..... Thank God for Moms. When my husband has a bad day I often say "you need a good cry!" I'm lucky that I'm so good at it:)

  12. Lisa, oh, how I remember those days!!! You thought they would never end. But, people told me and I didn't believe them, that they would end too soon. And... they did! They grow up sooo fast! And as silly as it sounds when they grow up and leave home, you miss those days, the bad with the good :)
    Hang in there and just know you are a WONDERFUL and loving Mom and your children adore you (even when they don't show it)!- Love ya, Aunt Donna