Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whole Lotta Tired

I just want to say thanks to all the new followers that have joined since my Grand Opening.  I have spent a lot of time reading some wonderful blogs, getting inspired and motivated to do more with my blog.
What does more mean???  Who knows.  I am just hoping that somehow, somewhere a person who works for Nikon will knock on my blog and say...
"You really look like you need a new wide angle lens..and let's throw in a macro while we're at it."

Until's just you and me and whatever thought pops into my brain while I sit here with y'all.  So let's get started...

Pete and I decided tonight that having a lot of fun is really tiring...
And then we also decided that doing nothing also gets tiring...

Which means that just like every other family with small kids....

Everything seems tiring....

I just know that I would rather be tired from having a great time...

Then be tired because I did NOTHING!!
Happy Monday...where I am sure we are all a little tired!!


  1. I totally agree!!! My sister and I say this all the time. We're tired whether we are doing something or nothing...just like you said....and we might as well do something and have FUN!!!!

  2. Well as I type this, it is still one hour and 15 minutes until Monday. But I can tell you, I am wicked tired, too. It was a good weekend, although not nearly as productive as usual. So really, I shouldn't be as tired as I usually am this time of night. But, I am anyway. So I think it's time to go to bed, until it really is Monday, for me too. Am I talking in circles? Yeah, I'm tired. ; )

  3. Tired over here in California too! Happy Monday.

  4. So true...and really...doing nothing, being lazy, and unproductive...that actually makes me MORE I'm with you, have FUN!!
    Enjoy the day

  5. What a wonderful blog you have! I have to tell you, I feel immediately comfortable and welcome here -- not always a given in the blog-world, and I like it :)

    I agree that I'd rather be tired from fun -- laziness wears me out! (Maybe that's why I'm so tired all the time....:))

  6. What a sweet comment. I am so glad you felt welcomed here. I have to say I am glad you are here too!!

  7. I'm not from Nikon, but you DO take gorgeous pics! Thanks for the visit over at my little corner. :)

  8. What a great way to put it. I never thought of it that way.. Well, this month I AM tired whatever I do, so I might as well do something fun? I like that! Have a FUN Saturday =)

    (and I love the way you describe your husband in the sidebar, he leaves me speechless)

    I like your blog =)