Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Weekend In The Life Of...

I feel like this Monday is like my GRAND OPENING (I'll stop shouting now..just super excited).
So, thanks for stopping by and let's get on with it shall we??

So, how is it I decided to change my name and go .com overnight?  Well I have to start at the beginning.  Friday afternoon I got a text from a friend...
"Todd is shooting an intro to a wine show that some local channel just picked up.  He needs extras to be in the background.  I thought you would be perfect seeing how adorable you are and you like to get dressed up  and your not afraid of being in front of a camera..and your just all around amazing (some of the wording is my everything but the first 2 sentences).

So I thought about it for about 30 seconds, said yes and then invited myself to her house for dinner (I'm a good friend like that. I will do just about anything if you feed me).  It was going to work out perfect.  I would leave my 5 kids with her 8 and then Pete and I would get to go drink wine and stand around as extras in a TV show.  Cool stuff like this NEVER happen to us .
So, we arrive at my friends house, get the skinny on what we are going to be doing, have some pizza and get ready to leave.  But before we leave she shows me the website her husband has been working on for his new business.  That gets us talking about this here little blog of mine.

She then BREAKS my heart with some truth about my blog...SHE HATES THE NAME.  I was in no way offended because I was not a big fan of it either...but I thought maybe it was not all that bad...She was like..."UHHH-UHH".

I all of a sudden felt the urge to leave her house, ditch the whole be an extra gig, go home and rename my baby.  I knew the name I wanted her to be. I had always known.  (As a little side note...years ago I was making these cool wood signs.  I checked a book out of the library and the title to one of the chapters was The Little House That Grew. 
I made a sign of that phrase and I have loved it ever I knew the name I wanted this blog to be.  I just goofed the night I started this blog 1 year ago)

So as the night went on and Pete and I had to walk up a flight of stairs about 100 times, each time trying to get our timing right, I was deciding just how and when I would make my move.
I woke up Saturday morning and said..."Today is the day...We are moving FOLKS..ready or not." And in my typical fashion I jumped on the computer, played around and just went for it...not knowing if any of it would really work out.  Meanwhile all my Little's were waiting for us to leave...we were going on a short drive up the interstate to do some shopping in a small town with some cute antique shops. You know...the places that love to see 5 little kids walk into. So let's just say things were a bit crazy here.

I changed my name, bought the address, made a quick post and jumped in the car.  Kinda freaking out that I had just done this...only because I love that some have you have decided to Follow me on this blog and I would be devastated if I lost you.  If I sound dramatic...then you know I was acting it even more....

So late start and all we decided to press on even though we were getting really close to lunch time.

  We needed gas (because you always need gas in the airport shuttle bus I drive)  so we stopped about 35 minutes up the road in a small town called Stockton.  Then Pete asked someone at the gas station if there was anywhere "cool" to eat around there. 
She told us about a local place called "The Stagecoach" with homemade country cooking and it was only 5 miles up the road. And since I am a girl who has never met a "homemade country cooking local place" she did not like..we headed on down the road.

Got some yummy country food, some homemade dessert, sweet iced tea and quickly decided that was about all the fun we could handle for one day.

We figured that we should try for the "cute antique town" another day.

As sad as I was about not getting to take our little day trip I was also kinda happy.  I just needed to check on my Little House That Grew...

And come to find out...she is just fine!!


  1. Sweet pics from the shoot! I especially like that nice looking couple you got a great shot of :)

  2. Your photos knock my socks off! That header of yours is gorgeous! I dream of being a gifted photographer but I'm actually really terrible. Ah, well... ;)

  3. I love your new look and thanks so much for visiting my humble little blog. No one ever comments :-( I appreciate yours though!