Saturday, September 18, 2010

We All Homeschool...Really

If you think about it...all parents homeschool.  Yes some kids do academic work at another location for several hours a day.  But I believe the real learning for children takes places within the 4 walls of the place they call home.

"I would love to homeschool..but I just don't think I can."..I hear this all the time.  I never know what to say exactly because it is not like I woke up one morning and said to myself...
"Educating all my kids for the next 12 years each...not a problem..I've got this covered."

It was (is) more of a process of deciding what I think I want to handle and what  I want to farm out.  Essentially that's what school does for parents ...they teach the stuff that parents don't want to teach..(or think they can't teach...but I would argue...well, that is for another post)
Teaching a little squirmy 5 year old to read???  Not in this lifetime...
Going over World History with an 8th grader????  No thank you.....

Thankfully there is a handy little building in the neighborhood where people do like to teach that stuff.  But the real learning that makes us productive people in life..that is learned from good old Mom and Dad.  The essential tasks of dealing with heart ache, loss, money, love, hurt, joy and change all falls to the place known as
...the Home.... School.
Where life is lived, learned, taught and celebrated within the family.

I have met some moms who  say they feel "guilty" because they don't homeschool.  But here's the deal...liking the idea of something, having admiration for a concept is different than wanting to LIVE THE CONCEPT.

For example....

I have always liked the "biker" community.  My exposure to bikers has been middle aged men and women who work hard and like to ride on loud toys.  They meet together, go on "rides", eat at some down home bar/ food joints, and wear matching outfits usually with flames involved, laugh a lot, talk about the old times and go back to their day jobs on Monday.

I think this is a cool concept.  I like the brotherhood involved.  I like the willingness to get off the sofa and live life a little.  I like the fact that they all like what they are doing and they don't care what people think.  I like the fact that like minded people have found an interest that brings them joy. I have admiration for their community and I admire certain aspects of it.

But here's the deal..I will NEVER be a biker.  I will never ride on hot pavement with my hair in a helmet after I spent 35 minutes blow drying it.  I will not wear hot leather in 110 degree heat. 
But I don't feel guilty...
I just know there are some things that I like and want to do...
And there are some things I think are really neat and worth doing...but WOULD NEVER DO.
So parents who feel that they "should " be homeschooling.."but they just can't...."
Don't let yourselves off the hook that easy!
You are Home Schooling.
Life and home are school.
You are part of that.
Which jobs have you "hired" out to school???? The least important ones!!

It is still your job to teach them how to get through life.  How to love one another.  How to seek joy and find peace. Those jobs fall to you alone.  Nobody can do them as well as you. 

And for there to be tension or competition between homeschool moms and school moms is silly.  As moms we can't help but to "school" our kids in every interaction we have with them... As we should!!!


  1. Absolutely! You hit it right on the nose.

  2. Lisa, thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Not only because I appreciate the visit, but because it brought me to YOUR blog > and I can assure you...I'm going to LOVE this place!! Putting you in my Google reader right-now!! : )

  3. Love this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your photos and header! I'll be stopping by again!

  4. Hi!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I'm now following you back. I love meeting other Moms. You have an adorable blog! :-) looking forward to getting to know you better.


  5. I appreciate you posting your thoughts on this. Although we don't homeschool in the traditional sense, I often refer to us as "after-schoolers" because we definitely supplement our kids' education at home. I'm really enjoying your blog. :)

  6. Well said Lisa. I love the concept of homeschooling but know that I just couldn't do it. But I love that it works for your family and you inspire other people to think about their choices. Instead of competiton or tension maybe as moms we should work harder to support each other in life. I know that I could use all the support I can get! Love your blog Lisa reading it is a bright spot in my day!

  7. I love this blog post. When people say to me "your kids seem to know so much, do you homeschool or do they go to public school?" My answer is always "yes!" My kids go to public school but we also further explore, on our own, concepts and material they learn about in school. Also, being a (now retired) military family- (we are also Coasties), we have moved A LOT! We are always sure to explore and learn about our new home(s) and all moving trips are littered with stops at historical, and not so historical, sites along the way. Our kids think learning is fun, no matter where it's done!!

  8. Love this post!
    As a former teacher, I have always thought of homeschooling as a possibility. Thanks for pointing out that in a way, I already am!
    Enjoy the day

  9. I love this post, being a non-homeschooling mom who wishes she had the strength, energy, knowledge, patience, etc. to homeschool! I also wanted to share something that a new friend said the other day that really struck me (in a good way!) and made me think of you. She said, "We're a homeschool family..." I love that because it really does take the whole family to do it and it's done as a family. For example, even your kids that aren't old enough for traditional school are there with you in the process when you're working with the older girls. Keep up the good work, Lisa! And I'll keep supplementing at home and know that I'm doing just fine too! :-)

  10. I agree with this 100%. So glad I found you! We don't homeschool-proper...but we definitely homeschool in conjunction with our Catholic school and other organizations our kids participate.