Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Is My Friday

This is the chair I pulled out to try to get a picture of my little kids before they were completely covered in dirt.

I love Thursday.  It is my favorite day of the week.  We do school Sunday - Thursday.  Why you may ask?  Well, about 2 years ago when I was having a hard time with Monday I decided to move it to Sunday.  Pete is home and he can help me with the little ones and I only TEACH a few subjects.

        I got them to sit in it for all of 2 seconds.

It is not a full school day. I usually teach the bigger subjects like Math, Latin and Religion . We do some practice questions, a little review and any new reading for religion which gives me time for discussion that is somewhat relaxed. On Sunday I tackle anything new that we are going over that week.  It made a huge difference for me.  I am able to spend time on the hardest subjects with no little people interruptions.


When I came home and saw the pictures on my computer I noticed I did not succeed in getting to them before the dirt did

Then Monday is a ton easier because the girls get right to work on all their practice work for the week without needing to meet with me before they can get started on their own.  I still meet with each girl everyday to do English, Religion, Poetry and whatever else is on the list for the day.  And now I also do about 1/2 hour with Jack everyday TOO!! ..go Jack!

          So I changed them to black and white and waaa-laaa cute not to dirty pictures taken in the span of 2 breathes

Monday and Tuesday are the longest days with the bulk of the work being done on those days then Wednesday is a bit lighter and Thursday is the lightest of them all....hence my love and adoration for Thursday.

So..that would be today if you are reading this in real time.  Another reason I love Thursday is after our morning school we get to go to another homeschool families house and visit, play and have lunch.  And today I brought my camera and played with their oldest daughter.  I am such a rookie.  But the fun part is when I come home and play with all the pictures,  sometimes not believing how far I have come and other times  thinking "...what is the matter with you...there is a tree coming out of her head...did you not notice that?"

But oh well, here are some favorites.  I am thinking that I am about 2 hours away from buying a photo editing program...

I just need to open that bottle of wine in my cabinet before I press the "click to purchase" button. 

It is either the editor program...or the $2,156 85mm 1.4 lens I think I want. 

I love doing that to myself...then I feel like I saved us so much money by NOT getting the ridiculous item.

 It's like the whole I don't like Monday so move it to Sunday concept. I know a clever hoax when I see it!

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  1. Have you heard of You can edit your pictures for free! I love it and you can do so much with it... soften, color focus,temp/saturation, etc. You could play with that and then decide between the editing program or lens! Good luck! (and open the bottle of wine anyway!)