Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So This Is What Happens's what happened.  I took my after lunch blog break around 1:00...Wait ..let me back up just a bit and start at the very beginning....

I woke up this morning thinking about my blog last night.  Thinking how nice it is to feel that things are going well with homeschooling this year.  And of course we all know what happens when we start thinking things are going well....


I won't be dramatic.  Things really are still very much  going well..however in the back of my brain I kept thinking..."Oh you should have written about this ...or that ..not just that..."  You know the whole after the party conversation you have with yourself...
"Did I sound like an idiot last night after my 3rd glass of wine?"

So by 10:30 I was feeling a bit "house trapped".  You see..that is a side effect of homeschooling for me...BEING HOME!!!

I sometimes (OK a lot of times) struggle with the whole you have to be home to homeschool concept.  So I did what I usually fight myself  NOT to do everyday...packed the kids up and headed out to lunch. I can tell the rest of the story....
We had lunch, came home and put all little kids down for a nap. This is the blessed part of day that I usually play with pictures and start a blog helps me with the whole HOME part of homeschooling.  I get to be social without ever leaving my home.  I did a quick glance at some of the blogs I like to read and Testosterhome had a post about some blogs she has read lately.  So I did what any blog mama would do I clicked on them.

Side note: lately my blog time has been shared with my two oldest girls because they like to play some computer games after they are done with their school.  Since we only have 1 computer I have to time all of us so we each get a chance for some computer time during this precious 2 hours that little ones are napping.

My time on the computer is coming to a quick end and I suddenly find myself at this great site  that has an easy tutorial on changing your blog header in Picassa.  Something I have been wanting to play with forever. 
Even while Molly is breathing down my neck I decide to go for it...I am going to try to throw together a quick collage and change my header.

I then made the biggest computer mistake that you learn about from 7th grade computer class...I made changes to my blog without backing up the original template. 

As I am playing with the collage and changing my header I decide to try a new template and I foolishly click...apply changes without even thinking..."What if the changes are not good?"

Guess what????  The changes were not good.  Mind you ...Molly is right behind me reminding me how hard she worked this morning to get her computer time.  I am a blog is a jumbled mess and I am not that crazy about the collage I made. 

I somehow get things in  decent working order and hand over the computer to Molly...dying because all I want to do is fix my baby...I mean blog. 

Pete calls a couple hours later and he says..."Hey what happened to your blog?  I think I like it better the other way."  Me too...but it is gone forever into "I did not save my work" land.

And so here I am,  Wednesday night wanting my old blog back...trying to play with the new face of Catholic Mommy To Five.
And this time it is not Molly who is wanting me to hurry along..... it is the cast of LOST...we bought the final season on DVD and we are now officially loosing way to much sleep trying to understand the most ridiculous story plot in the history of story plots.
The bright side of this sad little tale...I now can make collages in Picassa and I am sure you will be sick of seeing them.


  1. I think your blog looks great! Each time you change the heading I think "aww that's cute". I can't even figure out how to get a picture to fit properly at the top of mine so I just gave up! :)

    We are also getting less and less sleep because of Lost! We're almost done with season 3 and it just gets crazier and crazier! I'm really glad I didn't try to watch it while it was actually on TV, because I don't know if I would have been able to keep up with everything!

  2. Hi! I just ran across your blog. I loved looking through your posts. Your photography is beautiful and your kids are so cute. I am a "Catholic mommy to one".....


  3. I use
    for my header and to edit a lot of my photos. I think it's similar to Picassa.

    ps....fall is far away for us too, here in texas! :)

  4. Hey Lisa, your pictures are looking so wonderful!! Are you using an editing software? I'm struggling to just get outside and take some pictures :) I'll get back on the horse soon! Love to catch up some time soon!

  5. Every time I make some change to my blog it sets off a chain reaction of negative events somehow and I end up spending lots of time fixing the problems.
    Thankfully I think I have headers down. Too bad we aren't neighbors...
    BUT-your header looks great!

  6. I love every single one of those headers, including the one you have up now! It's addicting isn't it?

  7. I like a simple, user friendly, compact computer. I don't need to save the world with my lap top...just communicate with it... (and maybe post a few pics and sell a few bracelets)...