Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

It is time for Elizabeth Esther's Saturday Evening Blog Post. She hosts this every first Saturday of the month. Bloggers gather to share their favorite post from the previous month. Please be sure to visit Elizabeth's blog and meet many other wonderful bloggers!

Hey guys..
My favorite post of the month is hard to choose.  I would have to say the one I wrote last night (posted right below).  I missed my blogs birthday.  Even though there were no REAL hurt feelings I made it up to her by getting a bunch of then and now pictures...
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog Lisa! It has been a pleasure to be able to take part in your adventure this year and has given me the chance to re-connect with a great gal I know! I know that life isn't perfect for anyone but when I am having a particularly "challenging" day with my kids I think hey Lisa has two more than me and I re-focus on the important stuff! Being good examples for your children all the time and knowing the right thing to do all the time is tough but loving your kids and appreciating them is so easy and you remind me of that with your blog and your amazing photos so thank you and keep up the great work!!!