Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Really Hard Post

When we moved here life was pretty hard.  Not starving in the streets can't feed my family hard..but hard for me.  Lucy was 4 weeks old, Emily was 5, Molly was 4 , Jack was 1 and not walking AT ALL.  He preferred to be carried everywhere we went.  No problem...but I had a newborn who was proving to be a bit particular about her mode of transportation as well, as in no stroller, no car seat, just good old fashioned mama.

We moved into a monster house that needed a lot of ...me.  At the same time, after signing up my oldest daughter to attend the local Catholic School, I decided I wanted to homeschool.  The thought of having her gone from me all day was..unbearable.  I was so unsure of everything that first couple of weeks after moving here from Alaska, but I knew I wanted her with me.

But man..things were hard.  Like mentally, physically and emotionally hard.  I never stopped working...ever.  I knew I was blessed and loved having these little people...but I know the major feeling of the day was "Wow..this is really hard!"  And speaking 3 years later I can tell you ..it WAS REALLY HARD ...and I would not trade a minute, or wish it away.  I just know the days were hard and that was very real.

About 1 year later we got pregnant with Priscilla.  Jack was finally walking (he was a super late walker..like 18 months old).  Lucy was NOT walking yet so things were somewhat manageable.  Then Lucy started to walk and I all of a sudden remember thinking, "I can't bring a baby home with Lucy here..she will kill her." Not on purpose of course...just from her being ...her.

But we did it..we brought Priscilla home when Lucy was 17 months old and those next few months were a challenge.  It's not easy to say which was more difficult going from 3 to 4..or 4 to 5.  Let me just say that having Lucy and keeping up with her has been the hardest thing yet..we think...
..so where are we now???

Pete and I will do periodic checks saying things like.."Isn't this so much easier now?"...or   "Do you remember when we couldn't even do.....?"
Things have gotten easier...for us that is.  Some people would be amazed to see what we consider easier.
Here's what I mean:
1.  While making dinner  we are only holding one baby
2.  When going on a walk we have only 2 people in a stroller and I am not wearing anybody
3.  Buying groceries is like 150 cheaper a month because we only have 1 baby in diapers
4.  We all get to sit through Mass together
5.  When we have a movie night only one little person has to go to bed
6.  We only strap 1 child into her car seat..everybody else can load themselves
7.  When we say ..."Get your shoes on"..people actually do it themselves.

To some people with much larger families may think.."This poor child has no idea .."
And you may be right.  I did not have triplets, I did not have special needs kids, I just had my kids and they were all I could handle.


  1. Wow Lisa! I have never had two babies that close together. I can't imagine what I would do if I had a newborn right now with Beatrix at 22 months! She is still soooo high maintenance!
    Do you guys know where you are moving next yet?

  2. Thank you for posting this! Our first 3 were all 12 months apart and now we're having number 4. It seems crazy that our youngest will be 2 years old in 2 weeks and we don't have another baby yet!! Everyone keeps asking me if I think I'll be able to handle things with four kids 4 and under. I say "well yeah! If I survived the last 3 years I can handle anything!". And even though our oldest is only turning 4 next month, I can already see how much easier things are. She can help out with so much now! Even our youngest can at least bring me his shoes for me to put on. I guess when my gets are the age yours are I might think I'm in heaven! Haha! I completely understand and don't think you're crazy at all! :)

  3. Thanks for the post. I like honesty and real people! You will laugh at me....it's hard for me, and I only have ONE! I guess we all have our own situations, and no one can say well it should be easier for you because this or that. I can't even imagine how you do it with 5!!! I really look up to you. We are debating on having another baby or not....we are both already 37 and so exhausted every night. We are not sure we can handle it. Our 2 year old little guy is a HANDFUL...

  4. What a sweetly honest post! Life is sometimes hard...

  5. I always tell people that the hardest number is 1. I think that has such a challenge and it is often under rated because "It is just one"...but that is such a hard place to be sometimes..we all know because most people start there. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Love the new blog format - especially your banner! Hope to see you at book club

  7. 5 kids IS SO hard - and on top of that you Homeschool!
    I cannot imagine homeschooling and your kids are a bit closer in age than mine!! you are super woman!!!

  8. You are amazing Lisa! I should just leave it at that. I think we are given what we can handle in life and you are doing a great job, excelling even. I think parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done but then I think I could have a sick child that requires 24 hour care or something else and my mother's voice is in my ear telling me "there is always someone worse off than you Danielle" Truer words have never been spoken. I try to keep life in perspective and remember how lucky I am. That is what I love about you when you write things on here about your family. Life is hard and you have a lot on your plate at any given moment but you don't forget to stop and smell the roses and to take it all in chaos and everything! But most of all you remind me to be thankful and to reflect on all that I have at that very moment- that's special Lisa! Love your blog

  9. YAY! Love your blog's new home and great new look combined with your trademark honesty! Maybe you can bring it on the road to AK for your next adventure? Did you know we get a stipend from the State of AK for homeschooling? $1600 a year for Gwen. It gets bigger as they get older. Just a thought! With a big BAH and the homeschooling funds, you could go a long way..... am I convincing you yet?

    Would love to see you, Em, Molly, and Pete and meet all three of the littles! Is Cheeser still with you as well? :)

  10. wow! I'm exhausted just *thinking* about all you do! ...but what a wonderful "job" to have!!
    Many Blessings!

  11. Hi Lisa. I love your new blog name. I look forward to reading it every few days. I love looking at pics and hearing about my great nieces and nephew and of course you and Pete! I love you all! Aunt Donna

  12. This post combined with your previous one really hit home with me and I enjoyed reading them so much. I have a 3-year-old son and 6-month-old twin girls and life is REALLY hard right now. I love it and feel so blessed, but am a bit overwhelmed adjusting to the demands of these 3 precious young children. I love the advice you recieved and shared about perseverence. It was just what I needed to hear, because I've been exhausted lately, but want to do so much more than I am doing (but don't know how). I've thought about homeschooling because I also can't bear the thought of my son being gone all day (even though he is a handful right now), but can't even imagine how I'd be able to handle schooling him and caring for my twin girls. Thanks for sharing your struggles and successes.

  13. It's all about perspective, isn't it? With only three we were feeling just as overwhelmed a year or so ago-now it's manageable. But it's certainly quite a job! Thanks for stopping by my blog too-I love your place here!

  14. I think I know a little bit about Lucy. In our house, he's called Finn. :) I always heard the 4th was easygoing, you know, because they had to be. Finn didn't get that message. ;)

    Where in Alaska did you live? My husband lived in Fairbanks for 4 years as a kid, and we're going there to visit next summer.