Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pure Ordinary Entertainment

Think back all the way to Monday.  My friend Kathy got a thrill of a lifetime by getting to guest blog on another popular blog site.  I am so excited for her...I felt like we were in High School and she just found out she made the cheer leading team.  So all day I was checking her comments and tracking her hits (very technical bloggy things)...and WHAM my modem decides to take a 3 day vacation..just when things were heating up.

 You see, she gave me some props at the start of her post so I had a little more traffic on Monday as well.  All very fun stuff.  Lots of energy.  Lots of excitement...and then all of a sudden I am drifting out in "no signal" land...sad...lonely...quiet.

So all this got me thinking about this blog, other peoples blogs, what I post, what other popular sites post.  I was having a mental retreat and collecting my "blog" thoughts.  What is my purpose here?  What do people like to read?  What gets comments?  What is MY voice?  What do I like to write about?  How can I become famous by putting in approximately 20 minutes a day???  Who is going to stumble on this blog and decide..."This every day ordinary mom MUST write a book about....??????"...and then pay me to do that (I am sad to admit that each of these thoughts REALLY made their way into my mind).  All while being the same ordinary stay at home mom who loves to homeschool her kids and allows them to get really dirty EVERYDAY.  So after I let my mind wonder I finally settled on this...

My blog is about me.  An ordinary mom who happens to be Catholic.  A mom who homeschools and loves to take pictures of her kids doing ordinary things.  I like people...I like getting glimpses into other peoples lives through their blogs and I just do some of the same here.  I share a glimpse of a slice of my life, and I try to include visuals.

I don't write long post's (usually) because I  only have a few minutes to do this really fun little blog.  I don't get to deep because honestly, I don't have pictures to go with some of those thoughts.  And for me to post without lots of pictures would just be....wrong.

So what is my point? I am a writer who writes about ordinary everyday things.  I love that you read about them.  I love when you comment and I love when you stop by and feel entertained for just a moment because that is why I love to blog and that is also why I love to read other people's blogs....pure ordinary entertainment. I leave the heavy stuff to the pros.


  1. I can't give you the fame you're looking for, but I do thoroughly enjoy reading about ordinary and extraordinary you! Keep up the good work!

  2. I really enjoy your blog! Don't change a thing!

  3. I found your blog via Kathy's guest post, and I love it. I'm an Orthodox mother to three, with the fourth on the way, and I'm waffling between homeschooling and Catholic school. Your blog is encouraging me to not give up on homeschooling!

  4. Thanks guys for the sweet words. I love me some comments

  5. You've got an amazing eye for photography. Beautiful images, beautiful words.