Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Night To Remember

Before I get started...Welcome to the new The Little House That Grew..please note the change in address and follow me on this new adventure

Thursday night was a true "Night To Remember" if it were our prom night it would have been called
"A Night To Remember".  We would have had teal napkins(teal was the color of the 90' case you were wondering why I would have choose teal..and we are 90's kids) printed with 2 champagne glasses tipping at the edges
A couple of weeks ago a sweet friend asked me if Pete and I would give a small talk at her parish.  They started a "marriage night" and they were having their kick off dinner and she thought Pete and I would be GREAT first speakers..

Well after I stopped hyperventilating because  I was so honored...touched...humbled and OVER JOYED that someone asked ME to speak ...I said  "YES!! what are we speaking about exactly?"

I find me very interesting..but I was not sure what I had to offer to a room full of catholic couples out for a  "marriage night".  My friend simply wanted me to tell our story....

The story that I have told 1 million times to 1 million people (#'s may be a bit inflated).  The story of how Pete and I became Catholic Reverts.  How we went from being a very non-practicing Catholic couple to being an open to life, Catholic homeschooling, daily mass attending, rosary praying couple.

I loved every minute of it.  I got to talk about my favorite 2 guys..God and Pete.  I got to wear a cute outfit.  I got to eat dinner where ketchup was not on the table.  I had 66 people listening to every word I said...and NOBODY INTERRUPTED ME!! 

Pete decided I should be the one to tell most of the story because in a lot of ways..the story begins with was mostly my story that has become OURS....

And so it began...Pete introduced the "Lisa Show"..and I got to tell my favorite story..the story of how I was called to Christ in a big way and how I ran to HIM after that.

I had a great time.  There was so much I said, and there was more stuff I forgot to say.  The biggest thing I forgot to say is I will never know enough, or be "holy" enough, I will never be done, and this story is far from is forever being written.

The other fun part of the night was meeting the great young couples in the room.  Couples who are just starting their story and in a place I remember being in...what an amazing time...both good and not so good mixed together in such an amazing way.

And in all my excitement I totally goofed on my camera settings and that is why this adorable couple looks like they have jaundice..they are really a cute couple...minus the YELLOW glow!!

But I do know that it was a NIGHT TO REMEMBER

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