Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New School Year Week 5

Now that Labor Day has passed, and it is still hot as all get out, most kids are back to school.  For some that means back to their desks up in their rooms, for others it means desks after a bus ride and 25 other kids.  To kids, homeschooled or not, back to school means one things...BACK TO SCHOOL.  So how is it going for you all?

I think the last time I talked about our new school year on this here blog was on day 3, which was after a mental and emotional "back to school" breakdown

So I thought it might be time for a "State of The Homeschool Address". Honestly...I am really enjoying things this year.  Emily and Molly are helping each other with some poetry, states and capitals, and Latin vocab review.  Giving them the chance to do that together is helpful for all 3 of us.  Emily gets double the review...and so does Molly for that matter and I am able to be downstairs with the little ones a little bit more. 

I have loved reading all of the history with Emily and wish I could keep up with her science more.  Molly is preparing for her 1st Holy Communion...and I love having those talks with her.  I am doing much better this year with Catechism questions and I am keeping up with checking math right away. 

I am really seeing the fruit of having some experience with some of these subjects.  I see how subjects build on each other and even if a new subject feels overwhelming at first, when it is broken down into day to day steps it is totally do able..if not easy. 

But guess what has been the surprise "best" part of this year so far.. JACK!!!  Last summer when I started planning this school year I did not even consider him as ready for preschool type stuff so I never even planned to have him part of our school day.  But when we started school he was like, "Where's my school mama?"  I was like..."UUMMM!!"

So I printed some "fun" stuff off the Internet and now I sit down with him in the afternoon after Lucy and Priscilla go down for a nap..and he loves it.  He loves the little 30 minutes we spend together "working".  He is such a good little student.  This discovery has been so fun for me.  He is doing so good and I am feeling pretty silly for not having thought of this myself. 

The most amazing part of Jack's school is he has exactly 30 minutes of brain power...not a minute longer.  You can see him SHUT DOWN after about 25 minutes.  I get his full attention and hard work for a full 25 minutes and then it is like someone hits the power button...which is about all I can handle of "Let's count the jets one more time buddy."

Lucy and Priscilla...well they are still...Lucy and Priscilla and I am learning to love the little interruptions they provide. Believe  it or not those little girls have the hardest curriculum of all..learning how to be little well behaved people. 

So...all and all.  We are doing pretty good so far.  Week 1,2,3,4 were checked off and put in the books.  I am encouraged and feeling like I may have this in me after all ...


  1. You continue to make me want to homeschool! And... are those your shoes in the last picture? I love them. Where did you get them?

  2. Way to go..Jack!
    love you..grandma