Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Small Rut..And Some Photos

I was not going to do a last night because I had something very exciting I was doing tonight (I took a knitting class...yyeaah) and I did not think I would have time , you know since I will be polishing off my first pair of finely knitted socks.  Also,  I wanted you guys to have enough time to see and comment on the GREAT book that I want you all to read...(post below).
But it is early morning around here and I feel like talking and nobody is here to listen, so I'll just chat with you guys.

(this is where it all happens folks..the blogging room..I mean school room)

All this "homeschooling book reading" I am doing, and reading other peoples homeschool blogs, really has me thinking and looking at how this year is going so far.  And to tell you the truth I am in a little rut when it comes to jumping out of bed totally jazzed about teaching my 4 year old how to hold a pencil. that my job??? And let me stress little rut.  I know this is little because I have been in bigger ruts before.  I mean huge ruts.  Like calling Pete crying 3 times a day ruts.

No, this is not like that.  This is more like.."man I just wish I were more excited about doing this homeschool thing" rut.

(this is what you see when you walk in my front know one of those useless spots that looks so cute)

What do I do about it?  So far my plan has been FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT!!  Even if the feeling of excitement is not there I have been practicing "faking it".  And really that works pretty well for me.  I usually do feel pretty good about the day when it is over.  I know one thing, I tried my best that day, and tomorrow I hope to try better.

(these are the breakfast bowls that finally get washed and put away by lunch)

It's kinda like when I get way to early in the morning to go I feel like being up at 5:00?  Do I jump out of bed back flipping because I "get" to go running?  Let me just be clear...THAT WOULD NOT BE ME.  Everyday I have a 1 to 2 minute conference with myself listing the reasons why I don't have to get up and run that day. But each day I decide that just because I don't feel like running does not mean that I shouldn't do it.  I know it makes me feel better.  I know it is good for me. But why can't I WANT to do it more?  I fake liking to run..mmmm..EVERYDAY!!!

(this is what is in every room I walk into)

Both in homeschooling and running not everyday is going to be easy, I remind myself.  Not everyday the choice I make is going to feel like the right one.  But I know what direction I am headed in, and even when I sometimes feel like I am C...R...A...W...L...I..N...G,  I know that real progress is being made...both in my children and in my behind.

(these are forks..just clearing things up)

Don't forget to comment on the give-a-way post.  I really think this book can help mommies being one of them.


  1. Fun pictures.
    I love your white table and chairs. So pretty.
    Fake it til you make it... good attitude!

  2. I also took a knitting class! And i fake it all the time, especially with running:) My run this morning didn't happen. But tomorrow it will! Great pictures. It inspires me to figure out my camera.

  3. Great post! Glad to know others feel the same way too..sometimes:o)

  4. I've been working on teaching Zachary to hold a pencil too. I got these great pencil grips from a catalog that help them position their fingers the right way. Now he refuses to use a pencil without them!

    (He missed seeing Jack at co-op on Friday. Hope everyone in your house is well.)

  5. You'll get on a roll soon, I'm sure - with both homeschooling and knitting. :)

  6. great photos. i still take blog pictures with my blackberry camera. :) so pathetic. you inspire me to try harder.
    also, i am a former homeschooled kid - now a mom to two young children and contemplated doing the same for my family...hmmm...
    fun to find you! (

  7. Love the photos. Sometimes it's so hard to get excited about new things. Hang in there, I'm sure you'll get into it soon!