Friday, September 3, 2010

I Missed Our Birthday

I am so sorry little blog that I missed your birthday.  It has been one year since I started this little adventure with you.  It has been super fun.  But as I sit here on a Friday night I realize it has been a little more than just FUN!

This blog has given me a new perspective of time and space.  Some days when things just seem to be completely out of sync I have this little place to come, collect my thoughts, bang out a few words and refresh my soul.

This blog has made me look at my children in a different way.  I see them growing up..changing so much from one post to the next.  All the while trying to keep up with them.  Trying to make the most of these passing moments. Moments I can only turn back to through reading an old post...or recalling from memory.

This sweet blog has led me to other blogs.  Places where I have become friends with people who don't even know I am alive...but they inspire me with their words and pictures.  I get to have adventures in writing and reading all through this blog.

When I started this little blog there is no way I imagined loving it this much.

A lot has changed this last year...mostly simple stuff...stuff that changes just from the passing of time..but I am grateful that I have pulled this little blog together to turn the simple into something special.

Watching these little faces grow and change....

Knowing this is just one more year that will never be repeated.

Did I do enough?  Did I play enough?  Hug them enough?  Be patient enough? 
I am the person I want my kids to become?

This blog has been fun for Pete and I also..he has been my #1 fan all along.  He will call me in the middle of the day just to say...
"Lease (that's what he calls lease a car ,that's how it sounds anyway) got 3 comments on that last post...people really like it when your sad, maybe you should write more sad posts."

Just that fact that he calls me in the middle of the day still thrills me...but he is also reading my stuff.  Great blog love!!

Who knew how great this little adventure was going to be.  I have loved every minute...and hope for lots more to come.


  1. Happy Birthday Blog!! Your children are beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday Lease!! Congrats on all your great posts! I think mine must be around now because we started together. How do you celebrate the birthday of a blog??